Why upcoming US elections are so important for the World

I realise that Dopers have discussed this (and know their stuff), but I still wanted to make a plea from abroad.
It’s vital to vote in the mid-term elections because of the effect it will have.

Firstly Trump is a terrible example to the rest of the World:

  • he lies constantly
  • he shows contempt for women, blacks, Muslims, gays, immigrants, Democrats, Mexico, Canada, the European Union etc.
  • he shows support for Putin, North Korea and the KKK
  • he makes snap decisions to withdraw from carefully negotiated international treaties
  • he starts trade wars
  • his lying pomposity got him laughed at the United Nations

and so on.

Secondly his success encourages other demagogues e.g. in the recent Brazilian election the new President Jair Bolsonaro believes:

  • immigrants are “the scum of humanity”
  • men and women should not receive the same salaries, because women get pregnant
  • no father is ever proud of having a gay son
  • the military dictatorship (was) a “glorious” period in Brazil’s history

Bolsonaro has stated that Congresswoman do Rosário was “not worth raping; she is very ugly”.

Brazilian homicides hit a record high of 63,880 last year…Bolsonaro’s solution is zero tolerance. He has called for police to use more lethal force and wants to relax gun laws so that average citizens can defend themselves.

Naturally Bolsonaro is a great admirer of Trump.

Agreed. This is not even necessarily about Trump, who remains the symptom rather than the disease. After watching the decline of American politics over the last decade and especially these last two years, the incompetence, stupidity, vindictiveness, hatred, gaslighting, willful ignorance, and rampant dishonesty of the Republican Party has been laid bare. Anyone who votes Republican - or doesn’t vote at all - is complicit.

The last election opened my eyes to how stupid, selfish, and racist so many Americans really are. The only question on the ballot this year is whether we want to live in such a world.

I seem to recall 2004 when the Guardian tried to get people to vote against Bush for the good of the world and ended up being blamed by some for causing Bush to win.

Also, as a fellow non-American, I don’t think Trump is doing a particularly bad job. Yes, he’s a pathological liar, obviously. Yes, he’s an international laughing stock. Yes, he makes snap decisions to break established treaties. He broke the TPP, but then he’s replaced NAFTA with something similar. His trade wars don’t seem to have harmed the economy, albeit due to his irresponsible deficit spending. He clearly doesn’t offer support to North Korea, and despite the paranoia he hasn’t actually done anything solid for Putin either.

I mean, I wouldn’t want him running my country, but by this point in Bush II’s presidency he had occupied Afghanistan and had troops deployed to conquer Iraq. At least Trump’s lies have a body count yet to reach six figures. Even Obama didn’t take much longer in his presidency to overthrow democracy in Honduras and have Gaddafi raped to death in the street, which led to the collapse of Libya, a massive flow of weapons from there to ISIS, the end of Libya’s performance as a bulwark against migrant flows, and as a result of that the rise of anti-immigrant feeling in Europe and paranoia in America, contributing to Trump’s election. It might be a low standard, but “relatively few war crimes” is exactly what I’m looking for in an American President.

Bolsonaro is far worse. He explicitly supports a return to a military dictatorship and believes the biggest mistake of the last such dictatorship was not killing enough people.

This (bolding mine)!

Trump has nothing to do with Bolsarno. Brazil just went through a horrible corruption scandal and as you say their crime situation is horrible. When regular politicians fail, then voters turn to extremists. It does not matter who the president of the US is countries that are poorly governed are going to try new things.
Trump is also not on the ballot in the US. Regardless of what happens in this election he will still be president and will still be pursuing those things which got him elected.
Since you think he lies constantly, you should be more careful to be honest in your descriptions. He has not shown support for the KKK and withdrawing from NAFTA was not a snap decision, it was something he campaigned on.

I’m sympathetic to the broader claim, not necessarily the election being important. I think it’s actually not that important. But the US government has been behaving badly for many years and Trump has done nothing to help.

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the US electoral system. You realize that these elections will have little to do with how Trump behaves abroad? Congress can do virtually nothing to change the behavior you listed.

  • he lies constantly

Unchangeable by Congress short of impeachment and conviction.

  • he shows contempt for women, blacks, Muslims, gays, immigrants, Democrats, Mexico, Canada, the European Union etc.


  • he shows support for Putin, North Korea and the KKK

Lol. Same.

  • he makes snap decisions to withdraw from carefully negotiated international treaties

He was elected to do so. Even so, same.

  • he starts trade wars

He has made marginal adjustments in targeted tariffs like presidents have been doing for years. He has stepped them up quite a bit, though. You realize the Bernie Sanders style of Democrat is big on tariffs as well?

  • his lying pomposity got him laughed at the United Nations

Yes the UN is unfamiliar with his style of American politician. Irrelevant and will not be changed by these elections.

I am surprised you didn’t mention Trump’s terrible military conduct and geopolitical strategy in the ME and elsewhere. By surprised, I mean not surprised at all. His policies are at home next to the butchers Bush 2 and Obama.

I suppose one might be grateful that Trump is neither disciplined enough nor effective enough to put his off-the-cuff bluster into action, or the U.S. would be in real trouble.

Every election in the last 50 years is “THE MOST IMPORTANT EVER!”

Get over yourself.

You are the first person in this thread to use the words “most important”

Everything is constantly about Trump. Even in Lyon (was visiting my relatives last week), there’s nothing to talk about but Trump… But with regards to assuming liability, and after that nothing is ever his blame.

Truly, however, I’ve seen the same number of photographs of him on the advertisements for state races as I’ve seen of the state applicants themselves. It appears for the Republicans that this race is about devotion to their incomparable pioneer Trump and his finance illusions. What is then most important for us: verifying his lies or choosing the better out of them?

They are not. US foreign policy goals are long term.

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I’ll be sure to keep this in mind in 2020. As it is 2018, I don’t think whether an R or D is next to someone’s name makes it support or an indictment of Trump.


Yeah but is US foreign policy anything other than US domestic policy writ large and slightly longer term?

I am just grateful that after last night’s heartening All American reaffirmation of moral integrity at the ballot box, the craven masses of deplorable, brazen Brazilian xenophobes have slunk back to their filthy favelas chastened, and indeed the entire civilized world is on notice that by electing a 28 year-old New York Socialist to the U.S. House of Representatives, sanity and tolerance have returned, courtesy of the Shining City on the Hill.

Humanity collectively breathes a grateful sigh of relief, and will later head to McDonalds to fittingly enjoy a solemn yet triumphal repast.

I don’t get it


Hate to break it to you but these mid-terms elections are pretty much completely irrelevant to the rest of the world. That is the reality.