Why use AOL?

Why use AOL when there are other cheaper options?:confused:

Because it’s easy to use, the email program is superb and you can log in almost everywhere in the US.

The email program is superb? Cite?

I’ve never used AOL, I’m just surprised at this little bit of non-crappiness in a generally craptacular system.

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AOL was the first online service I tried back when I got my first computer. Wait, I take that back, I tried a local bbs first, but the post office lost my check and the administrator was a total prick and it just all turned out ugly. I used AOL at first because it was fairly easy and convenient and offered a number of things I liked, especially the Gay and Lesbian Community Forum (GLCF, later OnQ, later somehow affiliated with Gay.com I think). I continued to use it for internet access because, as a volunteer (or “Community Leader” as they’re now called) in various forums I got it for free and for what I used the internet AOL was sufficient. Now that my latest forum (ACLU Online) has gone independent and that I get free DSL from my employer, I don’t really need AOL at all. I’m on the cheapest plan only because my AOL email addresses are out there as my contacts; as I switch over to my new email addresses more and more I may go ahead and sign off AOL for good.

I have no cite, I just speak from experience.

AOL’s email is superb? In what universe??

AOL email is horrible and is partially incompatible with real email isn’t it?

Last I knew you couldn’t set up filters or custom mailboxes or anything. I use Eudora for my POP3 mail and I have for as long as man has been walking upright. I had AOL for 4 years (for free, my husband worked there) and during that time I didn’t use their email when I could avoid it. They have the worst email on the planet!

I can block any email from any domain or particular email I wish. I can control what mail my children get. Opalcat. It must have been awhile since you used AOL mail.

I can block all attachments so my children won’t get viruses. Or porn pics.

aol is the biggest consumer rip off in the history of mankind. do you realize when you log on to aol you are not logging on to the internet? you are logging on to just aol and then they decide what you can and can not do.

they have made millions by giving users a very small pipeline to receive information including photos. they also block your computer from using other browsers.

I use AOL and I can go anywhere and do whatever I wish. as for the browser…I use Netscape 6.1. HowcanI do that if they block me? Where do you get your information?

Anyone with Outlook Express (and surely other e-mail programs) can do that. For those interested, Tools -> Message Rules -> Mail.

Maybe so. But I am not open to the security holes OE is.

AOL sucks. That’s, my officoa; driunk position. I need to stop drinking. But AOL strill stucks.

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Keyword: RDI.

'nuff said, as far as I’m concerned.

What is RDI?

(I stay far away from AOHell so keywords are useless to me.)

SexyWriter: Thank you for reminding me why I don’t drink.


AOL sucks. It’s overpriced and they still rape you with advertisements and pop up windows that only serve to waste bandwidth. The only thing AOL has are pretty buttons, happy sounds and rooms like “Dads4Boyz” and “PreteenPixxx” that TOS ignores even when it’s explicitly pointed out.