Why vote on a Tuesday?

There’s probably a simple answer to this but googling “election+tuesday” is not a good idea today. And a cursory check at the FEC website didn’t give a lot of info, besides rules about financing.
I think most countries in Europe hold their elections on Sundays, it being the day of the week when most people are not working. Having it on a workday seems to be inviting less voters.

But then again, you guys have to register to vote, no? We Swedes just get the voting card sent home by mail and are told where to vote should we want to. It almost seems like the US system tries to have voters make an effort to cast a vote.

First Tuesday after the first Monday in November. That way Election Day can never fall on the First of the month, when businesses do inventory and all the other junk that paperwork requires. Since they have to give you time off to vote, this keeps the nation’s businesses ticking along without disruption.
We can’t have elections on Sunday…they would conflict with football! :smiley:

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There’s another thread here discussing similar issues.

In Australia, we always vote on a Saturday.

“They” do? Is this true? I have a small business (9 employees) and I did not give anyone time off to vote. I voted before work, I would think my employees could also.

If your work shift conflicts with open polls. If they have time before or after work, then you don’t have to do squat.

Why google? This is quicker and better. :smiley:
Thanks guys. I knew there was a logical reason behind this.

In the UK it’s Thursday.

Not according to this link. Varies by state, but in my state (Pennsylvania) there is no such provision.


I sit corrected. :smiley:

The only states I’ve ever owned businesses in were Alaska and California, which have such laws.

In reference to Tapi Ds link, I’ve read that the framers chose November so as to intentionally not coincide with any farming season: i.e. planting, harvesting, etc.

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Dang, I just went through all my hardback textbooks and couldn’t find it. But I know I read it somewhere. . .

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Correction…It can be any day that they want. In the 1930s there was one on a Tuesday. A couple have been on Monday-it’s been tradition to hold it on Thursday but there’s no legal demand to have it then.