Why was Kurdt Kobain's "Who here loves me" MPSIMS thread reported and closed?


Seemed like a perfectly appropriate thread for MPSIMS.

  1. Why did people report it? What was the complaint?

  2. What board rule was broken? Didn’t seem particularly jerkish to me.

It was a mass closing of mass threads I assume. They were springing up everywhere. Evidently they still are.

I don’t know, myself what people’s problem with Kurdt was, but then I didn’t read many of his posts.

If you check, he asked for it to be closed.

I missed that, thanks gobear.

Well, if he asked for it to be closed then that’s one step in the right direction. Give him a chance people.

What lobsang said. I think we have a tendency to be unduly harsh on people. Before anyone jumps all over me, Kurdt has posted some obnoxious dross but he does seem to be trying, so why not give the guy a break?

I’m curious: is he bribing people to start threads about him? Because I’m quite strapped for cash at the moment…

Asked and answered.