Why was Meeshkeen banned?

Okay, maybe I’m jumping the gun here, since he hasn’t, at this writing, been banned, but when it happens, and it will, here’s why:


You don’t really think people are going to ask this, do you?



It’s because the Moderators are all FASCISTS, that’s why!

I mean:

it’ B3c@US3 +he m0d3r4T0RS ar3 ALl PH@5C15t5, +H@+' WHy!

"+Hey’Ll +@KE my mARK OPh +H3 B3@5+ wHen +H3Y PRy It pHR0m My cOLd, d3AD h@Nd."

Thanks, that ought to clear things up. :slight_smile:


Ha. I think I’ll use that.

Just to set the record straight, not all of them are fascists.

At least two are Marxists, and another is a Stalinist. There’s also a couple of hard-core Neo-Nazis and one or two McCarthy wannabees.

But I always forget who’s what.

I wish the mods would show some consideration for us newbies and insert their political affiliations in a sig or something.

Since we have a Mod right here in this thread, I have to ask why he *hasn’t[/] been banned yet?

Insert random keyboard strokes here.

Why would we want to ban Coldfire? :confused:

Sorry, bad coding, bad post, and I’ll probably misspell something I say in this one. :frowning: In another thread I just read, Coldie said the problem will be taken care of straight away.

I believe milroyj was referring to the immature child that is the subject of the OP, and not the moderator Coldfire. I only say this because I can’t find any evidence of humor or sarcasm in your post.

And to answer milroyj’s question, I believe that the moderators don’t do the actual banning. It is my understanding that they submit the offending member to one of the Adminstrators (such as Lynn Bodoni), and after review, the Admin dishes out the Banning. Coldfire already indicated in another thread that the English-impaired naif that inspired this thread will soon meet a proper fate.

I could be wrong on the board banning procedures, of course. My answer is just based on my observations here. If you’re consumed by curiousity on this matter, I suggest posing a question about banning procedures in the About the Message Board forum.

My post was intended to be a joke, yes. There’s actually an ATMB thread lamenting the fact that Mods can’t ban.

We got it, MEBuckner. But if it’s OK with you, I fully intend to bust Coldfire’s and TubaDiva’s chops over it anyway! :wink: Yeah, why hasn’t that guy been banned, Cecil damn it?!!

Atreyu, you got whooshed. But at least you got whooshed by the best. Take it with some humor, and try to enjoy.

I suspected he might have been joking, but decided to err on the side of caution, and answer with a non-humorous reply with the assumption that he was serious. This being the Pit, I could see how a misunderstood post could spiral a thread out of control.

But yeah, I got whooshed. :slight_smile:

That’s the man! (Or woman. I don’t know, to tell you the truth.)

If it’s any consolation, I think that means Buckner has to buy you a drink if you ever meet at a doperfest.

I just made that rule up just now, but it works for me!

I’m male.

Granted the username doesn’t exactly help identify the gender, but the inspiration of the name was male, too. Doesn’t make a difference for some posters, I realize.

<Pit hijack> I just re-read the NeverEnding Story. I had forgotten what brilliant writing it is. <end Pit hijack>

Sure, why the hell not.

I’m sure there have been several better places to say this, but I thought of manhattan (the poster) right away on Tuesday morning. Just the power of the name, no doubt. I was damned glad to see a post from him. (And a very eloquent one, as I recall.)

Just as an aside, you could make the case that Meeshkeen was banned under the “posts must be in English” rule that appeared during the “Morse code is kewl” period.

But if posts must be in English, why hasn’t Wildest Bill gotten a warning?