why was red_dragon60 banned?

I noticed that he was banned yesterday evening. i also noticed that his last post was recent, in a drug argument thread in the pit.

That didn’t seem particularly inflammatory, so i doubt that that is the reason he was banned.

His post count was reasonably high, high enough that he couldn’t have been a sock.

So, what happened? Did he say something horrible in GD?

Was it a system error, maybe someone signing up using his E-Mail, thereby causing the system to automatically cancel both accounts?

Was it a mistake during the process of the Wildest Bill banning yesterday?

I really would like to know…

These two are not mutually exclusive.

ok, i guess that’s true.

he really didn’t SEEM like a sock, though…

He came into chat last night and said something about inadvertently posting a link that led one to porn pop-ups. If the mods did in fact ban him over that, it’s likely they nixed the link as well, so you probably won’t find that.

jeez… that seems a little thing to be banned over, if he actually told himself out so it could be corrected…

wait, i think i remember that. i can’t remember the thread title, but i think he was using the links to a porn site to compare a “cute” melissa joan hart with a “generic hot blonde” melissa joan hart somewhere in MPSIMS…

Well, if that’s the case, and of course we don’t know all the facts, I hope he can eventually convince the Staff to give him another chance. He seemed like a decent guy.

John Corrado closed a similar question and linked to this one at 7:20 am.
So it boils down to…when or if the folks feel a reason for the banning is called for.

He could have had another account name that was a sock.

According to his profile page, his status has been changed back to “Member”.

He mailed me about the reason, and admitted freely he was at fault. He did not have a sock, he posted an objectionable link in a thread, like Max Torque said. He seems remorseful about it, and as far as I can tell hopes to do whatever is required for readmission to come back to us.

Wow, too freaky, Protesilaus - just as I was posting, perhaps? :smiley:

Huzzah :slight_smile:

If he hasn’t regained posting privileges already, he will soon. He apologized, and promised to TRY not to do it again. We staff members talked it over and decided that he’s generally been pretty good, so he’s gonna get back with us soon.

A few things helped him here: He’s generally been a good poster, he apologized and admitted that he shouldn’t have done that, and he didn’t write us a nasty letter, but a polite one.

I’ve seen the link in question, and YES, you don’t want to open that sucker at work. It has sound, for one thing…

For the Straight Dope

See, what Lynn didn’t tell you is the contract for my soul. And the chocolate. Just hope she doesn’t turn Vinny on me if I screw up again.

Thanks to everyone who has shown concern about me. It means a hell of a lot.

Does anyone out the have any embarrasing stories of opening the link? As a married man who surfs at home, I’m happy as hell I missed that thread.



This is just another example of the mods doing a great job.

well, welcome back, red.

mayhap you could join us at one of the straight dope group Counterstrike games. i noticed that you mentioned something about CS right before you got locked right there.

organazation and planning here

I suggest to all that you, bookmark this thread.

Then, the next time someone posts something about “Why did ____ get banned?”, and the inevitable squad show up and says , “yeah! Those stupid overreacting MODS. They suck. They ban people for such arbitrary things. etcetera, etcetera, etcetera” you can post a link to this thread.

red_dragon60 never violated the prime directive=“don’t be a jerk.”

If a 16 year old can understand it, why the *uck can’t all these other oldsters??

samclem, thanks for your comments. If a damn teenager can say mea culpa, why can’t anyone else?

Yer Welcome, Red. Now…about your thread hitting on bibliophage:smiley:

Here’s a salute to the staff for a good and rational decision.