Why was the "Can copper nails really kill trees?" thread closed?

Would vivalostwages be allowed to open a thread asking what to do about a tree on someone else’s property affecting yours?

Obviously, the cat is out of the bag now, and I’m sure she didn’t realise the gravity of the particular question she did ask (which I hope you guys take into consideration since that thread has already resulted in two warnings). But, it seems to me that she should be able to ask about a problem she has without either causing legal ripples or Mod slapdowns, as long as she words it properly.

What say you?

What’s up with this?

Are you not presently in the Great Satan?

California’s practically a whole 'nother planet. :slight_smile:

He’s actually hiding behind a tree, and doesn’t want to get nailed. :smiley:

I am, but not for too long. Besides, I’m currently spending my time trying to learn up “The California Driver Handbook” and driving on the wrong side of the road without banging into things, so if anyone posts a question about “How to bang copper nails into a red light to make it green” I can get to it right away. Although the question of whether the copper nails were public or private property might still crop up.

But now I’m gonna have to hurry up and start reading up on more pressing issues, such as Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries and Noise and my city’s Tree Preservation and Management Regulations.

Interestingly, the latter link specifies [bolding mine]:


Mr Xash, would you please step out from behind the tree?

Mr Xash has learned the first rule of not getting nailed, which is “Do not step out from behind the tree.”

You’ll never get me, copper!

[ Emily Litella ] What’s all this I hear about Xash not wanting to get nailed? Why, in my day… {whispering in ear} Oh! Never mind. [ / Emily Litella ]

Of course, the real first rule of not getting nailed is never talk about getting nailed.