Why was the "Most important Christian hoaxes?" thread closed without comment?


I’m just curious; usually there’s an explanation when a thread is closed.

Its either part of the vast right wing conspiracy or you actually dared tell the truth about was Christ’s wonderful teachings and religion has become and, uhm, rubbed a cultist the wrong way.

Its one or the other!

It was a duplicate thread. Here’s the open one.

Wow, I’d be curious to know the reason as well. The tone seemed innocuous enough to me. With all the “theology/religion” threads (on all sides) in GD, you’d think it wouldn’t be the topic.

…or maybe it was a redundant thread…

D’oh! Posted too soon. Thanks Euty!

Oops, Eutychus beat me to it…

Thanks, I didn’t see that it was a dup.