Why was the thread about jesseesheeran closed?


I can only assume you mean this thread. It would be helpful if you would give a link.

It was closed because it turned from whatever the OP wanted it to be about (which was tenuous to begin with) into a pit of the OP. Since jessesheeran was banned, the thread was closed. Not only is it entirely pointless to pit a banned user, it is damned unsporting. He’s gone, he won’t bother you anymore. Just move along.

ETA: After looking again, I believe you might be asking about this thread. Please let us know which thread you mean.

Because the question was answered.

Yes, I meant the ATMB thread.

Just because someone answered the question doesn’t mean the question was answered. I don’t understand the reasoning. The mods thought his posts weren’t well written? He espoused a proscribed belief?


Perhaps he means there’s a difference between an answer and the answer.

All your questions answered.