Why was the "Your opinion of the language restrictions in the Pit" thread closed

…instead of just moved to IMHO?

If, for some reason, doing the 3 clicks to move the thread is harder than the two clicks to close the thread, would it be ok to just start a new thread there?

Also, why in the world aren’t poll options open in every forum? What could it possibly hurt?

I’m not a moderator, but I would guess that it is because discussion about the message board belongs in this forum and not IMHO, and such discussion will happen in such a poll/thread.

Polls in ATMB usually indicate that most posters (or most that care to vote) disagree with the mods /admins - this is due to the questions that are picked, not because posters disagree with mods on everything. Anyway, the mods aren’t really interested in allowing posters having a way to show just how much they disagree with them, as it doesn’t suit their purpsoes.

In fairness, I don’t think that sort of poll has ever been allowed in ATMB. I may have missed them, but I don’t remember any.

I love the idea of a messageboard claiming an intellectual bent having forbidden topics of discussion.

So, we should allow poster to vote on what the correct answer is to a General Question?:frowning:

What harm would it do? Seriously Sam–the poll numbers don’t carry more weight for most people and the ones who just look at the number and assume “popular=right” wouldn’t be swayed by reason’s sweet song anyway?

Back to this hoary old argument again? There is a crapload of things people could do that wouldn’t bring any actual harm to anyone, but having a structured forum setup is usually preferred by some, believe it or not.


Actually we give amazing leeway to people with protests, especially when you consider on a lot of other boards complaints get you banned.

There is no polling in ATMB.

The poll function is turned on so people can do test polls, to experiment with it. But no functional polls are allowed in ATMB.

Let me say that again: Polling for its own sake is not allowed in ATMB.

Since complaints about moderators and board policies are in ATMB and not in IMHO we couldn’t ship the thread over there.

Not a lot of options left.

Basically members are denied the ability to guage boardwide opinion on matters relating the administration of the board.

Basically polls are a piss-poor method to gauge boardwide opinions on any subject.


Generally, when people use the “my hands are tied” excuse, they didn’t buy and knot the rope themselves.

I don’t disagree with any of this except for the word “no.” The board does allow people to complain, it is more flexible in this regard than many places, and it does allow test polls in ATMB. All well and good.

But you DO NOT allow people to take polls regarding opinions of posters with regards to board/mod/admin decisions. The reason that you don’t is because you don’t want to. Are you seriously claiming that you really do want to?

Your response is pretty idiotic when you think about it. How can you claim to have any reason to forbid polling other than not wanting to see the results of the poll?

And hey, here it is again folks–the regular kneejerk “Any change whatsoever is automatically bad. Even discussing the possibility of change is terrifying” post that Czar makes every single time* someone discusses changing/tweaking/examining any board function.

I’m curious. Do you use a macro or a text-generator for your “Bad idea! No change! No talking about it! We can’t do it! Change scary!!!” posts? Because since they’re the same content-free smarm, I can’t imagine you’re actually typing it out fresh each time.

*Hyperbole, but not all that much

I’m actively campaigning for your vote!

I’d offer you hookers and blow but the staff got it all.

Unbelievable. I started said poll after Czarcasm (czarcastically) suggested that few posters care about this issue and wanted a cite as to whether they do or not. I go and attempt to provide said cite, and it gets locked because of this idiotic rule. I kind of feel hung out to dry on something akin to the Liar’s Paradox:

“I want to poll board members about board issue X”

You can’t do polls like that in ATMB.

“Fine-I’ll do it in IMHO, where polls soliciting opinions usually go.”

You can’t comment on board matters outside of ATMB.


Logic is a little bird tweeting in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers, which smell bad.


As time passes, the rules for this place make less and less sense and become more and more onerous, contradictory, and oppressive. Somebody really needs to come in and unf*** things, but of course I know that isn’t going to happen, mainly because the one person who could apparently doesn’t give a flying F, and rarely deigns to dirty his hands mingling with the madding hordes of the lumpen proletariat anyway…

And your perfect method for doing would be what, again?

You wanted a cite-what form should said cite take? Please be specific.

Yes. We understand your opinion of polls. But let’s try to explain for you.

You see, there’s something called “discussion” that can also happen in threads that have polls. You vote then discuss! :slight_smile: Poll AND talk. Together! IN THE SAME THREAD! :eek: A MODERN MIRACLE OF THE COMPUTER AGE! See how simple that is?:):slight_smile:

I know that during your tenure as a mod, you couldn’t grasp that fact, as you often closed down polls or randomly warned people when people voted and also discussed the issue, but luckily no other mod *(or poster, as far as I know) before or since has that bizarre inability to realize that posting and polling can be done together and no other mod has even tried to enforce that silly attempt at a rule. Because everyone else knows that (let’s say it together) “Discussion can happen in the very same thread as a poll!!! :)”.

Did that help?

I suggest we take a poll and see what people think the response is. I predict that Czarcasm would be amazed by just how accurate those poll results would be. OMG, they do work!