Why we see one side of the moon.

What if the moon was always the same shape and just had unequal mass distribution as hypothesized in the first article I read? Wouldn’t its “heavy” side always face the earth just like one of those weighted clowns that always pops back up straight? Could the gravitational pull of the sun be responsible for the “wobble” of the moon? I don’t have the equipment or expertise to test this hypothesis, but it seems like it would be an easy observable, repeatable experiment.

Since “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” it might be helpful for you to read the first history book, the one that starts “in the beginning” in order to dispel some of the ignorance implanted by misinformation administeed during the impressionable years, you know, like when we were taught we evolved form rocks, etc. It was all presented to us as “fact” and who were we to argue?

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