Why We SEPARATE Children at the BORDER (YouTube video)

Thought I’d post this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xINgd-79XSo YouTube video from the guy who does China Uncensored (this is his alternative channel, America Uncovered) for anyone who whats to see a more nuanced take on this mess. It’s a morass of fuckup that doesn’t seem to have any easy answers. It also is a lot more complex in it’s fucked up level than is generally portrayed in the news…or at least in the headlines, for those who don’t dig into the articles but just look for the sound bites.

Anyway, figured I’d post it.

Could you bullet a few key takeaways that struck you?

Decent enough job explaining things. His “humorous asides” are even more out of place and annoying than John Oliver’s, tho. And it seemed to drag on; 11 minutes felt like it should have had more info crammed into it or it just should have been shorter.

Thanks for the link.


It’s a complicated bureaucratic mess. That Trump, as usual, made things worse by acting without thinking of the ramifications. That this mess pre-dates Trump and we’ve been screwing around with this for decades. That there isn’t an easy solution to any of this, and anyone who thinks there is a single silver bullet is a fool. That nothing has really been resolved with Trump’s backing off of separating families, as the status quo even during the Obama administration (as well as before him) wasn’t good either. That the media are generally focused on the wrong thing, and that by doing so we have made zero headway on the underlying issue.

Yeah, he tries too hard I think. He wants to talk about serious issues, but I think he believes if he just talks about stuff without being humorous he’ll lose his audience. Very similar to John Oliver.