Why we wear Clothes?

Ok, it has taken me quite awhile to conjure the courage to ask this question. I know why we wear clothes now, but I’m curious as to how that all got started. We wear clothes for mainly three reasons:
1.to protect ourselves from the elements
2. to look good, or show off our personality through our appearance
3. Society deems it necessary

 I know the Bible has a long story about original sin, and we were not naked till God told us we were, but the Reader's Digest Condensed version is that **God says its bad**. That makes a great story to tell your 3yrold why he can't run butt naked during a dinner party, but it is not satisfactory for me. Somewhere along the line humans developed the idea that wearing clothes was more than just a way to keeping Mr. or Mrs. happy spot from getting tangled in briars, or frozen in the snow.
 I am surprised this question was never proposed to Cecil, if it has I couldn't find it. I wasn't about to send it in....cause its not likely never to get answered, and if it did it would a long time from now. So any information would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I can use the knew knowledge I gain here to convince my wife not to have a cow if I watch TV all morning in my underwear, though I doubt it.

We are the homo sapiens. This means we have a brain to survive. We moved to fishing grounds and places were game was abundant. We would cultivate the soil. We fled our enemies. However, the climate didn’t cooperate: the weather was bad.
It rained and it was cold. We wore furs and finally learned how to make cloth.

My guess is pure and simply that we’re just used to it. Somewhere it became culturally engrained that wearing clothes was the mark of humanity; only animals and savages go naked.

In warmer climes there’s really no reason not to run around naked, assuming you’ve put on sunscreen. Being raised by parents who often would stroll around the house naked, and always slept nude, I’ve turned out to be quite the heathen, sometimes going all day without anything on until either company comes over or I have to go out to check the mail. Hub says this is just fine with him. I’ve occasionally speculated that it would be nice to be able to check the mail, go shopping, or even to work naked if the weather was cooperative.

But I’m not gonna be the first. I’m too lazy to be a trend-setter of that type. I’d say the only reason for you to wear clothes around the house is because it apparently makes your wife uncomfortable to sit around in your underwear. Of course, you can test this theory by seeing if she is equally uncomfortable if you do the dishes, vacuum the floor, and do all the laundry in your underwear. If not, maybe your state of dress is not the issue.

But what about places where it just “ain’t so”?

Even the Massai et al. wear some kind of clothing (mostly covering the primary sexual organs).

Protection? Thorns & branches after all?

Y’know I wondered about this once.

I posted a question under a previous name and it generated quite an interesting discussion. This is the link:

Why are humans the only animals to wear clothes?

I posited a “way-out” theory of mine. Despite an excellent (and, at times, heated) discussion, I’m still not sure I’m not right! At least I’m not sure my general premise, my grand idea, was proved wrong.

Also originally we ate animals, plants and insects. Those of us that weren’t too well off sat around in the nude eating roaches. It became a status thing not to do that. So clothing and not eating insects became a sign that you weren’t a clod. Therefore none of us wants to be seen in the nude dining on grasshoppers.

I don’t wear clothes beyond boxers unless I’m going to go outside my lawn. I guess I’m just the little trend-setter, eh?

Well, it’s not like all men were created equal.