Why weren't the Germans pioneers in the development of digital computers?

Given their technical acumen you’d have thought they would have been all over it but googling the history of German computing reveals little except some very early research work.

Why no German computer pioneers or entrepreneurs?

Well, there was Konrad Zuse. Had a number of firsts - first turing complete computer in 1941, first commercial computer in europe in 1950 - first high-level language outlined in 1948. And of course, IBM optioned many of his patents, which indicates they probably used some of German pioneer work in developing their own computers.

WWII. The war itself took away resources that could have been used for computer development as well as damaging infrasctucture (and destroying Zuse’s work). After the war, the Allies really worked hard to prevent a restart of many German industries for a while. They stripped down and removed a lot of factories, confiscated patents, etc. They also took a lot of top scientists. Many universities could barely function. It all adds up to slowing down tech progress.

But by the mid-1950s there were a lot of top Germans in computing and they started to eclipse the Brits in several areas.