Why won't my printer talk to my computer?

I’ve got a MacBook and an Epson printer. Normally, they communicate through the wireless function - router installed by my Internet service provider.

Recently, the printer won’t print.

It says it can’t find the computer.

I thought it might be a router problem, so I plugged the computer directly into the printer.

Printer still says it can’t find the computer.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Has your router been reset recently? I have a networked HP OfficeJet (an incredible piece of junk) and any time my router is reset I have to go into the control panel, delete the printer, and search/add it again.

If Mac OS X works similarly to Windows with networked printers, the IP address the printer had when you originally added it is tied into the assigned printer port. If the router is reset, the printer might have grabbed a different IP address and your computer doesn’t know where it is. Try deleting and re-adding the printer in System Preferences.

Will try that when Mrs Piper is done with the computer. But a router issue wouldn’t explain why they won’t talk to each other when the computer is connected directly to the printer by cable/USB port, would it?

it could. it depends on how the printer driver/print spooler is designed. if you originally added it as a networked printer, then tried to connect it via USB and tried to print to the same entry in System Preferences, it could fail.

Could you have deleted the printer driver somehow? Reinstall it. If you don’t have the disc, you can download the driver online.

Do you need to update your printer drivers?

just wanted to thank everyone. someone I had two drivers installed, and one of them didn’t work. it was set to be the default. :smack:

No idea how that happened; I think maybe during one of those automatic updates that I get from time to time, I must have chosen an incorrect option and ended up with two drivers.

In any event, deleted the driver that didn’t work, chose the other as the default, and we’re back in business!

Thanks, all.