Why won't Vista play .avi files? My old computer did.

That’s about it. It says something about a “codex.” What the hell is a “codex.”

Please explain in plain English.


Your movies probably use a codec that isn’t installed on your new machine. Maybe Divx?

I find that when I’m missing a codec, Windows Media Player tells me the exact name in the error message of what is missing. Google that name, and 99% of the time a place to download it for free will be on the first page.

This is on XP, but it probably works with Vista too.

You may want to try something like this:


Vista Codec Pack should have everything you need.

ETA: Oh, I see I should have clicked on Iggins’s link. :stuck_out_tongue:

You may also want to google, “ffdshow”, which is another excellent free codec pack. Between that and the Vista Codec pack, you should be set.

Note that there are over 800 video formats that use the extension “avi”. Most likely you don’t have the right codec for the particular avi file that you’re trying to read.

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