Wicked City

I watched the first episode of the new series Wicked City tonight. I’ll admit I watched it mainly because it was on right after Agents of Shield on the same channel. But having watched it with minimal expectations I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a lot more sophisticated than I would have expected for a network show. It’s also a lot “edgier”.

please, tell us a little more about it :slight_smile:

No chance I’ll ever watch it live, with NBA season back in gear, but I’ll probably catch it on onDemand some time this weekend.

Hell, just them casting Erika Christensen guarantees I’ll watch, at least once.

The series is set in Los Angeles in 1982. The basic plot appears to be a pair of serial killers and the two detectives who are trying to catch them.

Edgy as in strongly implied oral sex a couple times, an innocent-looking single mother who gets off on inflicting pain, and a guy that can only get off by having his girlfriend tied up and pretending to be dead. Also a protagonist detective who is married with a daughter and sleeps with another cop who works undercover as a stripper and keeps half a kilo of cocaine in her apartment. That sort of stuff.

I am not sure they can keep it up but it was certainly an intriguing first episode.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Wicked City has been cancelled for low ratings.

Aww, that’s too bad. I don’t think the later episodes have been as good, but the show was definitely holding my interest.

Watched the first episode. Wasn’t sure if it was going to hold our interest. Recorded the next (and final) two. Now deleted.

More and more crime series are starting off showing you the Big Bad.

In a way, it therefore reminded me a little of The Fall.

Update: I don’t have a subscription so this doesn’t help me. But if you have Hulu Prime, they have five unaired episodes posted.

There was an anime by the same title several decades back (haven’t seen it, so not sure of the plot), was this related to that?

Nope. This title has been used by several movies, etc. before. It’s original title was in fact L.A. Crime. The idea came before ABC changed the title.

There’s a mention of a “finale” in the link. Really? Wrap up episode or merely last?

gravely faux-private eye voice

Does crime in the wicked city ever end?:smiley: