Wicked Cute Kittenpix -- I Shamelessly Flaunt Them

More photos of Schooner, the kitten whose adoption and naming I blithered on about not long ago. The name has stuck; the kitten has been growing; my camera has been hard at work. Shamelessly self-promoting, I offer you some new pix:

Propping up Peanut’s butt – Schooner’s got all the angles covered

A novel form of hugging – wait, let’s get a closeup of that

Being squashed by Squash

Centrifugal to the pinwheel

Just too frikkin cute, my Og

Awwww. Cats. :slight_smile:

Two of my three will kitty pile like that so I’m a wee bit jealous all of yours pile together. Thanks for posting those pictures :slight_smile:

Kittens! Aaaaarrrgh! I need a big ass shot of post-modernist irony, and I need it* now*!

I don’t normally repond to kitty pictures. I love teh kittehs ( I have a kitty), but there are so many cute ones here on this board it’s too much to write.

But, man, your kittehs are really sweet. That made my morning. The new one has awesome markings and nice soft biiiiggg paws. He’ll no doubt grow into those paws and ears and be a nice, big fuzzy boy. The three blondes look so soft!

I was talking out myself out loud about how cute those babies are.

Thank you! :cool:

Don’t feel bad; I have nine, and only those four do the kittypile thing. Not always all four; sometimes they subdivide.

Squash and Pumpkin (brothers) and Peanut, the three buff boys, are fond of the pinwheel pile.

Isn’t it ironic enough that you read the thread title and still opened it? :wink:

Schooner must store the extra cute in those paws.

When your cat sleeps on it’s head that means rain (or snow) within 48 hours.

Did your cats grow up together?

I thought it was some kind of code, like recipes for “kitten on a stick”. I mean, given your posting history of sardonic snark, and all.

Ah, you know me so well.

Teh cute! It burns! I love Schooner’s markings.

Boy, Peanut has turned into a regular beefcake, hasn’t he? I remember when you were posting his kitten pics. They just grow up so fast, don’t they? :wink:

That’s always the way, isn’t it? The new guy always has to kiss butt.

The herd looks to be in fine fettle - may they continue to thrive.

Ah, but there are moments of tenderness too.

Yes, freckafree, Peanut has grown out as well as up and is now a real butterball, given to sometimes bizarre behavior.

Good God, those are cute kitten pics.

Squeeee! Cute kittehs! :slight_smile:

Yesterday Schooner had his first visit to the vet. Verdict: At a mere 13 +/- weeks old he is already 5.1 pounds (and I swear he grew another half-pound’s worth overnight!), robustly healthy, able to charm vet techs with a single purr, and destined to be a big cat.

He did not approve of the experience but quickly regained his composure when returned to his happy home. His intra-carrier cry sounds remarkably like “Why? Why? Why?”