Wierd/cool album titles, or stuff you just don't get.

A slight deviation, but kind of cool just the same.

Once upon a time, as many Dopers will know, there was a pub rock band called The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Then the lead singer, Alex Harvey, got a serious back injury and was out of action for over a year. The remaining four members of the band completed an album without him (wishing him ‘get well soon’ on the sleeve!).

The album was called ‘Fourplay’, which is neat enough. But it was always officially catalogued and listed as by ‘The Sensational Alex Harvey Band without Alex’. I’ll wager this is the only time in rock music history that someone is mentioned twice in the band’s name but isn’t on the album at all.

Very poor album by the way, IMHO, except for one track, ‘Love you for a lifetime’, which is superb and sadly untraceable in mp3 form.

“Dongs of Sevotion” by Smog

I think this has to count as great (or awful? no I think great) band names, not album titles. The names of “Scraping Foetus of the Wheel”'s albums were “Hole” and “Nail”.

I think there was a live album, “Foetus Over 'Frisco”

Jim Thirwell has also been Wiseblood and Clint Ruin. He was also in a porn film with Lydia Lunch (who he was living with at the time). He’s really a very nice guy.

Ah. What a great album.

But no stranger a title than “Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy”.

“Music For Airports” is also a cool title but I don’t want to mention it because I’m still pissed off such a strange, funny mind as Eno’s abandoned lyrics for that ambient crap.