Wife GoesMissing; Buy a New Mattress? WTF??

Dare we call this mattresscide?

I just found out he’s been arrested (IM from friend in SLC).


I hope the delay means they have rock-solid evidence (like DNA on the clump of hair). I wonder what that family member told police to make them arrrest Hacking. It has to be something about where the body is, I suspect, or else why would the families call off the search.

From the moment I read that he was buying a mattress the morning she disappeared, I knew he did it.

Think about it. If you’re planning to move across the country, why would you buy a new mattress?! Who wants to move the new mattress? Why worry about it before you get there?

But on the very, very off chance that he DID need to buy a new mattress before he left (Big mattress sale, maybe?), the FIRST line of business would be to insist that he cough up the whereabouts of the old mattress.

I feel so awful for her family, who spent equal time grieving for their loss and protecting their son-in-law. What a horrible, horrible situation.

Hell, I thought I was search engine impaired…
or maybe you’re just using the wrong search engine. I mostly use MSN (although I’m also very fond of Dogpile, which is excellent at singling out the most relevant hits, unfortunately takes about a week to load)

anyway, here you go. Links a go-go Take your pick of what articles you’d like to use as cites. The NOW webpage is even there.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to actually read a couple of the articles.

I see your point. Killing your wife I get. Killing your pregnant wife cannot be justified.

I kid! I kid!

Sometimes after arguing with a women, I will proclaim (and pepper in profanity as you see fit) that, “…I wouldn’t convict a man of hacking his wife to death if I were on the jury!”

But, and this is important, I say it with love.

Gotta run. What the hell is that number again? 1-800-mattres(s). Man, just have them deliver! Who has time to strap that puppy to the roof when you could spend the time cleaning the house.

You obviously haven’t been on the receiving end of a hormonal woman’s emotional swing…kidding…

Honestly - I think a pregnancy is less real to men. My girlfriends and I have all noticed that “baby” was real to us long before our husbands really had a clue. We establish a relationship with baby - we know when she likes to kick - many fathers really don’t. We’ve noticed that that we stress out about the increase in responsibility during the first trimester - “am I ready for this, will it be ok, will I be a good mom, is this the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.” They tend to do it during labor, when fatherhood finally hits them.

On top of, baby represents a committment and responsibility on a much more intense level. You can leave your wife - she is an adult. Once the baby is born, you can’t leave the baby. Even if you walk out the door you will be tied there. And the child support system will make sure of it. Not that its a sane or understandable thing to do - but somewhere in there I can see a glimmer of the mindset. Particularly if the man feels that the woman “trapped” him with the pregnancy.

And perhaps being part of the creation of life somehow makes you realize you can be responsible for ending life as well.