Wife GoesMissing; Buy a New Mattress? WTF??

The starge case of the missing housewife in Utah just got starnger…it has been reveled that her husband (supposed medical student) used his time to buy a new mattress.
Is this suspicious? Did he hope to lure her back by making the conjugal bed more attractive?
Is this another laci Peterson case? :smack:

I’ve been thinking the same thing.
And the part about him lying to his family about not graduating from college, I think he might’ve lied about finishing grammar school! What an idiot.

Yeah, and the part where he was found running around a hotel naked on Tuesday, that seemed real suspicious to me…

Maybe he did not want investigators to find some DNA or like a gallon of blood on the old mattress :eek:

You misunderstand

We are meant to believe she went missing after he bought the new mattress.

Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee

They did find a knife with blood on it in the residence.

I think he’s pretty dumb. I mean, you have a handbook on what NOT to do, with the Laci thing going on. Then he goes and buys a mattress? Before reporting her missing? Puhleeze. I think the Naked Motel Dance was simply a precursor to the Insanity Plea that we’ll be seeing in coming months.

But I could be wrong.

Yesterday, the parents of Mr. Hacker announced that they have retained a defense lawyer for their imbecile son…so I guess wifey ain’t coming back!
What is os bizarre about this case…the guy tells his wife he is enrolledin medical school…why would you do this? Then, wifey applies for campus housing, and is told don’t bother…her husband isn’t enrolled.
I wonder if Mark Geregos is licensed to practicein Utah? :smiley:


Yeah, that’s what I’ve wondered about ever since that little bit of news came out. Sounds like he told one too many lies that finally caught up with him.
It is bizarre. Why would he lie about med school and moving cross-country, knowing she’d want to check out apartments and such, and that eventually he’d be found out?

As for the insanity defense, well, sure - the guy’s been in a psychiatric hospital since shortly after she disappeared, because he’s so distraught. I think he’s just putting on a show.

What I don’t get is the police foot-dragging in their press statements. I realize this isn’t “Law & Order”, but a week into the investigation and they’re still calling Mark Hacking “a person of interest”.

Hullo !? He’s the prime suspect.

I’ll put on my Police Inspector hat - there, still fits- and deduce:

The stress of having his career/school lies nearly exposed, plus Lori’s pregnancy, put Mark Hacking over the edge of panic, if not sanity. He stabbed Lori to death in their bed, disposed of her body (pretty well) and the bloody mattress (clumsily) and then proceeded to get a D- in his Acting Innocent class.

I think it’s downright cruel of the police to dangle hope in front of Lori’s family, who are doing the agonizing “we just want her home” routine that we’ve come to expect from the parents of undiscovered murder victims. I mean, you don’t need PCR tests to do simple serology matching on a bloody mattress.

A terrible thing. I’m going to go Scotch-Guard my bed now.

Actually pretty common behavior in Utah. :smiley:

I thought I heard on CourtTV yesterday that they found (some of?) the mattress in several (!) dumpsters. Ok, I all about innocent until proven guilty, but c’mon! Who the hell buys a new mattress like an hour before he reports his wife missing, and then disposes of the old mattress by cutting it up and putting it in several dumpsters unless they have something to hide? Like guilt in murdering your wife.

In my NSH opinion, the man’s guilty as sin. I will retract that if the evidence proves otherwise, however, I don’t think it will.

MAUVAISE: (Speaking as Atty. Mark Geragos here). The sawn-up mattress is completely irrelevant! Everybody disposesof matresses…just liek going fishing on Christmas Eve!
I wonder if this Hacker has a GF…like Scott Peterson. Has the SLC Police tapped Hacker’s phone? :eek:

How long did it take Amber Frye to come forward? Couple of weeks after Laci was missing or was it right away?

Won’t do them any good; Lori’s family cleared out her stuff and put it in storage so the aparment could be re-rented as planned. And he’s been in a psychiatric hospital since the day after.

Well, what does everyone think now?
The husband has told “something” to the police, and both sets of parents have called off the volunteer search.
The search at the landfill continues with the cadaver dogs, however.

I’m assuming he’s guilty, of course. I just don’t get it - how can a man kill his pregnant wife? I mean, WTF?

I think he planned it and the insanity defense. Maybe was trying to set it up so it looked like the thought he did it (insane) but that some third party did it even though he thought he did it.

Been discussing it over at misfitting.com.

This is to prevent some defense attorney pulling the “rush to judgement” line during the trial (ala OJ, Peterson), it’ll happen anyway but they’re just covering their bases.

Originally by BiblioCat

I can nail it down by checking Court TV, but Im almost sure it was prior to New Year’s Day. As I recall she was working with the police long before her press conference.

There was a study back in 2000 or so that shows the leading cause of death among pregnant women is homicide, and that said homicide is usually committed by the father of the child. Basically the conclussions boiled down to the Man fearing his loss of freedom, control over their own life. Remembering when my first son was born, I can sure remember having many “Holy Shit, I’m going to be responsible for another human being” moments. Never made me want to kill my SO however, but others mileage obviously varies. I’ve tried looking for it, but keep getting links to NOW.