Well, they've arrested Mark Hacking for the disappearance of his wife.

I hope his last name isn’t a description of the state of her remains.

Story here.

He was better than most at pretending grief when she first went missing; even Mr. Pug said “Aw, this guy didn’t do it.” Now Hacking has provided a statement to the Utah police which has caused them to call off the missing person search and concentrate their efforts on the local landfill.

Well, now you guys in Utah will get a prolonged trial a la Scott Peterson, like we’ve had here in California.

Never saw it coming. :dubious:

Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! Whodathunkit?

And yeah, the name is kind of creepy.

You think so? I can’t remember when I first read about it, but I do remember thinking he was guilty from the get-go. Too many things just didn’t add up. You might think the lying about med. school was number one, but not for me. It was that damn mattress - the fact that he bought a new mattress hours before reporting his wife “missing” just screams “I killed her in bed and there’s blood and DNA evidence everywhere”

Before any of the data about mattresses or medical school was reported, we saw a TV news bit showing Hacking weeping as he told the media about his missing wife. He seemed sincerely distraught, as a contrast to Scott Peterson, who was cool as a cucumber at the corresponding stage in his own wife’s disappearance.

This just in! Nevada to start construction of “Isreal-style” wall around border! :wink:

Hey, that won’t work! What about tourism? :smack:

So what do ya’ll think happened?

I think she found out he’d been lying all these years, went home and ripped him a new one and was probably packing her bags to leave him when he went bezerk and killed her.

A dear friend of mine went to high school with Lori and they had a joint graduation party. She spoke with someone in the family last night and was told that not only is Lori “in the dump” she is “in pieces” and they’ll never be able to see her again.

My heart breaks for my friend but even moreso for the family. Why couldn’t the jerkface have killed himself instead? He’s the screwup. Gah. Does Utah have the death penalty?

Utah has lethal injection as its method of execution, but used to also have firing squad for inmates who chose that method prior to it being abolished.

According to the ticker on Headline News he’s on “suicide watch” in his cell. WHY? Why not let the bastard kill himself?

Possibly because he hasn’t been tried yet?

Do you think that we could restrain the slathering for his blood until he’s, you know, found guilty?

That would be me. Sorry.

I’m not slathering for his blood, I am just asking: if this guy came to a conclusion that the only way out of the web of lies and deceit he created was for someone’s life to end, why he chose for the someone to be Lori and not himself? She had everything in the world going for her, it was his pathetic life that’d turned to shit. It’s a stinking, stupid waste. And so is he.


TeaElle, that’s terrible :frowning:

So new question: is Mark Hacking insane, or is he just one evil POS sonofabitch?

He’s confessed, matt, give us all a break. The police are going to start searching the friggin landfill for her body (parts) because he told them to. They have the knife. They have a statement.

I’m not a some bimbo infobabe on the telvision news who is legally required to refer to anyone who hasn’t been convicted as an alleged whatever. The man cut Lori into pieces on her own bed, cut the bed up, dumped the lot into dumpsters and then lied to cover the trail. When his story unraveled sufficiently to make it clear that they were going to find the truth, he caved in and confessed.

And you’re saying “if?” Obsequious pretensions for propriety on behalf of a man who slaughtered his wife make me want to vomit.

Ah. He confessed, did he? Never mind, then. I apologize; I should have read the article. Premature jumping on people who actually are just suspects is a pet peeve of mine.

The article didn’t say he confessed- just that something he said is leading them to search the landfill. Next- many loony dudes have confessed to crimes that didn’t commit. Especially after the Police decide “he did it” and start lying to him to get that confession. I am not saying he is innocnetn mind you- just that as of this time and that article there is no evidence that he is guilty. :dubious: (The Police may have a lot that they aren’t telling, of course).

In fact- the Husband here didn’t even tell the Police to look for the body in the Landfill- "The investigation took a grim turn over the weekend when Lori Hacking’s relatives asked volunteers to stop looking for her in response to new information from her husband, and investigators said they would focus their search on the county landfill.
A statement from the family did not reveal what Mark Hacking told them, and Detective Dwayne Baird said only that it was “additional substantive information.” Nor is a knife mentioned, and certainly not a “statement” as in a Confession. Maybe you read soemthing different? If so- share.

I will tell you this- the in-laws- the parents of the wife in this sort of thing- are the very last people I’d want to believe.
It *is * rather like the Peterson trial- there is no evidence at all that Peterson murdered his wife . None, zip, zero, nada. True, Peterson has a “fishy” alibi, and a lover. :dubious: :rolleyes: So?

There is no chance in hell that I will be on either jury, meaning that I have no reason to give them the benefit of doubt. So put my vote down that both Peterson and Hacking killed their wives. That doesn’t mean that one or both won’t be found innocent.

Abbie, my guess, to be perfectly honest, is that instead of her finding out about his lies, he killed her to ‘protect’ her from his lies. IANAD, but I have some experience with mental illness, and it is not unusual for someone to be able to do terrible things to a person, and show real remorse and regret about what happened. I don’t know that he was legally insane at the time of the murder - unable to tell the difference between right and wrong - I simply mean that he is not the calculating sort of murderer a la Scott Peterson. I pity him, to be honest.
But, I pity her and her family far more. I suspect, as unsane as he had been, he did know the difference between right and wrong, enough to tell that what he was doing, no matter how it seemed necessary to him, was not right.