What did Scott Peterson do with the body?

Scott Peterson reminds me of the James Woods character in the movie “Eyewitness,” about whom a seasoned detective (Steven Hill) says, “Aldo must’ve wanted to be a suspect when he grew up.”

Even if he’s as innocent as the day is long, he certainly isn’t acting like it. The big time defense attorneys, like Gerry Spence and Mark Geragos ask, well, what does a guilty person act like? I’d say a lot like Scott Peterson, who attempted to divest himself of every shred and remnant of his former life, before the body got cold. I’m with Clint Van Zandt and Michael Baden on this one, who agree that the cops don’t search your house for 2 straight days in an attempt to clear your name.

I feel so sorry for Laci and her family, for her having married a man who appears to be the biggest snake of all time. According to him, Laci, in her 7th month of pregnancy with their first child, was “okay” with Scott’s admission he was having an affair. Puh-leeze. My bet is that before the sun went down on December 24 that she was chum, and it gives me no pleasure to consider that possibility.

Thank God we live in America where everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Wow, Slylock, did you come up with that all by yourself?

IMHO, you are a shining example of what is wrong with people today.

I imagine she was dumped in the bay, assuming scott did it, which is likely, but not yet proven.

She’s at the bottom of the Pacific. Confined to searching San Francisco Bay, they’d have at least a prayer of finding the body. Out in the open ocean, never in a million years.

Two words: Shark Food.

I’m actually amazed that people don’t dispose of bodies this way more often. You’d think they would never find a corpse on either coast!

I’m not convinced he did it, but he sure isn’t doing anything to convince me otherwise, either. HOWEVER…in his position, I wouldn’t say a fucking word to anyone either. That’s the first rule of self-defense. Don’t give them anything to work with. Many an innocent has cooperated with the law and ended up screwed. It is up to the cops to find the clues…not up to the suspect to supply them. Fuck 'em all, I say.

“She’s at the bottom of the Pacific. Confined to searching San Francisco Bay, they’d have at least a prayer of finding the body. Out in the open ocean, never in a million years.”

sometimes they wash ashore.

Kalhoun - Scott sold her Dodge Derango, and tried selling the house. She has been missing since Christmas eve. Thats just shy of two months. Does this seem particularly heinous to anyone else, or normal. Granted Elizabeth Smart has not shown up either, but I bet her parents haven’t started selling her stuff, and that was a year ago.

I’d bet vital parts of my anatomy he did it, bar non.

one more thing, i’d venture to say it is not that hard to make a body dissappear. With all the crime shows on the tube these days, anyone can learn anything about committing a serious crime.

Laci is alive and well and living in Mexico. Or maybe Canada. She disappeared so as to fake her own death. Scott collects on the insurance, sells the house and other things, and then meets her in a foreign country as soon as the heat is off.


Philosphr, I know it doesn’t LOOK good…but maybe he’s just an asshole with really bad timing. Maybe. All I’m really saying is that if they could arrest him on what we’ve all heard, they’d have done it. But they can’t. None of it is proof. And I wouldn’t talk to the cops whether I did it or not. It’s their job to come up with the evidence.

I’ve tried to ignore this subject, but it is everywhere.

**Didn’t he sell his wife’s Land Rover? ** (Was it a Land Rover?) I presumed because if they were a dual income family, and still making payments, it would be pretty hard to make payments on a car when half your income is gone. Yes, I know it is heartless, but if my husband turned up missing, keeping his car payments and insurance up for months would kill me financially. We could always get a new car when he came back and I would let him pick it out carte blanche.

So’s I was understanding about that, until I heard he bought another truck. Ummmm, then all my charitable thoughts slide downward.

I still maintain that Laci disappeared on her own volition and is living somewhere, with her baby, under a new name and life, watching him get the payback of a life on Global TV.

THAT, my friends, is a movie waiting to happen.

She was too close to her Mom/original family to just up and leave without a word, especially at such a time of need with the arrival of the baby.

Didn’t she disappear while Scott was on a “fishing” trip? He weighted her body. She’s gone forever. The guy needs to fry.

Like who? Just curious.

There was that security guard at the Atlanta Olympics who saw what he thought was a bomb, called it in, got hauled in and investigated up one side and down the other, then they turned him loose without any explanation or clearing of his name. He’s ruined.

Sort of…and in a court of a law. For legal precedings, they are presumed innocent, not declared innocent, so that the trial can go forward with the prosecution making it’s case, etc, etc.

Anywhere else, we are free to do what is needed (too an extent), which is how police work cases, by working under assumptions, hunches, evidence, possible evidence, etc, etc.

Ask a detective if they march around declaring every shmoe as ‘innocent’. It’s a position to march a trial forward fairly.

When they arrest someone after a mountain of evidence, they are doing so because they see anyone as innocent.

pardon…When they arrest someone after a mountain of evidence, they aren’t doing so because they see anyone as “innocent”. They have to believe his guilt.

We are free to draw our own conclusions.

I hate little pencil-necked dickheads who can’t commit to their wife and family.

He’s got a smarmy look and they should crawl up his world and investigate his smirky little ass.

By default, this guy is a suspect. It SOP now.

Olympic guard - Richard Jewel.

Kalhoun said:

Whatever buddy, if it was my wife I’d be tearing the country-side appart looking for her, hiring bounty hunters, doing everything in my power to find her. Her family would be completely sup[porting me why you ask? Because I love my wife, I would never cheat on my wife, and would do everything in my power to find her. And if there were foul play, and I knew who it was, they’d relish the day they met me, I’m thinking along the lines of burried alive or drowning, something where they could feel themselves dying before it happened!
Some cops are a bunch of idiots who can’t distinguish their ass from a hole in the ground. If you put that much stock in cops to let them find YOUR wife, you’d be sorrily mistaken. Sorry dude.