Wife Swap 11/28, The Christian and the Atheist (Open Spoilers)

Just watched on DVR.

I think I liked this episode better than any so far. Each side came to respect the other without any serious attempts at trying to change the others’ core belief systems. The women especially were appealing to me, both even tempered and kind hearted. The men were a bit caricaturish, but in the end even they seemed to mellow.

Good episode. And it helped a lot toward erasing memories of last week’s friggin’ fiasco with the psycho bitch.

This was the first episode of this show that didn’t portray the religious family as over bearing and pushy with their beliefs, which is why I couldn’t understand why atheist guy freaked out and started crying. Unless christian mom was overbearing and pushy and they chose to edit it out :dubious:

I’m not religious myself. While I respect everone’s right to their own beliefs, I hate having it shoved down my throat or being pushed into accepting something I don’t believe in. That’s why I liked the fact that the christian family treated the atheist family respectfully. They seemed sad that they didn’t believe, yet they respected thier right not to.

I’m glad they focused more on what the children in both families were missing out on and not on the whole christian/atheism angle. I get uncomfortable watching people argue thier beliefs. I think it’s such a private personal thing.

Meh. I thought the whole episode was kinda blah and depressing. The guy has an atheist radio show and can’t defend himself? Right. I wonder how many hours of preaching from her they cut out. And the Christian father wasn’t even following the new wife’s rules. I prefer Trading Spouses on the whole, especially the obese fundamentalist woman who got witched with the New Age family. Just crazy all around.

I’m okay with atheism (should it be capitalized?) and people who are anti-religion, but I don’t get how someone could make it their life’s work. I just don’t get the guy’s motivation, and his explanation that Christians discriminate against him isn’t enough. He’s got issues.

Why were the atheists afraid to leave the house? It looked like a nice suburban neighborhood.

I totally agree.

I was also unclear what exactly what it was that he was selling online that was supporting the family – subscriptions? to what? and what was getting delayed that was pissing off his customers?

Knowing the way they edit reality shows, the atheist guy could have started crying because he was chopping onions.

Interesting episode. Both sides actually seemed to get something out of it. Atheist dad seemed to be genuinely suprised at how much he enjoyed playing with his son (and how much friggin’ work his son did), and Christian mom got inspired to start a new website. (Personally I didn’t buy the whole thing about the Christian daughter not getting enough time…I thought atheist mom was just looking for something to focus on. But hey, I guess more girlie things couldn’t hurt.)

Funniest moment: atheist dad (Reggie?) breaking down and crying. I burst out laughing at that part, sorry.

I think the whole atheist family (well, the parents at any rate) had a bit of a persecution complex. I don’t doubt that atheists face discrimination in their lives, but I don’t quite buy the idea that they never left their house and had almost no interaction with other people because the discrimination was so bad. Gimme a break.

To the person who asked above, I think Reggie sold atheist paraphernalia as well as selling subscriptions to his website. Those atheist calendars and mouse pads in his office – I think he sells those.

Christian dad was a bit over the top, as well – God help any of his kids if they leave the faith.

I got the sense that atheist mom was agoraphobic and that atheist dad just played along, since he stayed inside by his computer almost 24/7 anyway. I mean, she wouldn’t even go in her own backyard.

WHOA-OA. Cat Fight might be on to something here. Check out this clip from that episode and imagine just how bad it might have been. Crazy.

Atheist dad’s website is, for anyone who might be interested, www.infidelguy.com. (He came over to another board to shill for it before the show aired, is how I know about it.) Between that and reading the wives’ “manuals” on the official show website, which I did just out of curiosity this time, it’s clear they left a whole big bunch of stuff out about both families.

All that being said, though, and considering the diametrically opposed positions of the two families, I’m quite surprised there was so little conflict. Everyone seemed to try pretty hard to be decent to everyone, even if they refused to go along with some of the stupid stuff. I cannot believe that the “Not God” t-shirt and “Jesus Saves” hats weren’t the producers’ idea. Both sides came off surprisingly well.

No doubt! I noticed he was a lot less willing to try than the atheist dad was. Atheist dad put on the “Jesus Saves” hat and followed Christian mom’s rules pretty well. Christian dad just kind of rolled his eyes and kept on preaching. I didn’t get the idea he really “got it” when atheist mom tried to point out that he needed to spend time talking to his kids about other things besides Jesus.

Reggie explains exactly what happened in a new show over at www.infidelguy.com. There was a TON of editing, if you want to know what really happened, go have a listen. It’s free to download.

Any of the questions you guys have asked here can be answered by the regs in the chatroom over at www.infidelguy.com.