Wife Wants More Music Like Civ IV Menu Music

My wife likes the “African singing music thing” found at the beginning of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV and would like to buy some CDs with similar music. She likes the fact that it includes instrumental accompaniment, a fact that stymied my attempts to direct her to Ladysmith Black Mumbazo [sp?].
Any suggestions for sound-alikes?

Eh, the thread’s not too old to open it back up (I just bought Civ4, and was searching back through CS for the gameplay threads, saw this one).

I would suggest the Cast Recording for The Lion King (the Broadway musical one), as at least a bit of a taste. For anything more “authentic” than that, I don’t know.

The soundtrack to Stephen Spielburg’s Amistad is mostly John Williams pap, but the track “Dry Your Tears, Afrika” is pretty neat, and a lot like what you’re looking for. Don’t know if you can find just that track to dl, and it’s probably not worth buying the whole album just for that song. Unless you like John Williams, in which case you’ll probably like the whole album, because it sounds just like every other thing he’s ever done.