Wifey loves her sister's 2005 Mazda Tribute ......

Do you have one and how do you like it?

Do you have something comparable she might like as well or better … especially if it’s a Ford or GM since those are more easily serviced in our little town.

Actually, the Mazda Tribute is esentially a Ford Escape.

I have a 2002 Tribute with the V6, 4X4, and all the doo-dads and bells-y-whistles. I absolutely love mine. I have never had a break-down and the only maintenance besides oil changes has been tires and brakes at what would be expected intervals.

The Tribute is based upon the Ford Escape. The engine, suspension, and transmission are tuned differently and of course there are the cosmetic body panel and interior differences from the Escape. Any Ford dealer will be able to service a Tribute.

I, too, have an earlier model of Tribute and am very happy with it. Nice, medium size, not too hard on gas. Versatile. And not a Ford. (well, it sort of IS a Ford, but I like to pretend it isn’t.)
Besides - every time I see an Escape I have to think, “Es-CAAP-e’, hm, sounds foreign.”

I like my Tribute very much and I think your wife should get one.

Well, like everyone said, the Tribute is basically the Escape. Built by the same people on the same line in Kansas City. I’ve had my Escape for 6 years and I just love it. Lots of space, yet still compact enough to zip around and park in the city. Decent pick up, not too bad on gas, and just feels good to drive.

I also have an Escape and love it. A friend has a Tribute and loves his. I have yet to read a bad thing about them on this board.