Wifi in China vs wifi in America

I am currently in China, and I recently bought a cheap laptop here in China.
The laptop does not have wifi. If I bought a wifi card in China would it also be usable in America ?
I know mobile phones work on different frequencies in different countries.
What about wifi ?

It should be fine.

Cell phones have issues because of the different technologies and frequencies involved, but Wi-Fi uses the same standard and 2.4 GHz frequency all across the world (there are channels – basically sub-frequencies – involved, but they’re usually not a big concern).

Just make sure the WiFi card you get supports at least 802.11 b/g, if not 802.11 b/g/n. Don’t get a card that only supports 802.11a because very few places in the US use that.

IIRC I think Chinese wifi spec may not be exactlythe same as the Western wifi spec and has a different encryption standard mandated by the Chinese government. Having said this it’s really no big deal as virtually all new Western notebooks have built in wifi over the past few years and USB wifi B/G dongles are available for almost nothing on eBay.