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It’s finally being released this weekend in North America. Anybody planning on picking this up? I’m out of the country and can’t get one for awhile but am following the reviews and articles on various gaming websites.

I’m not worried too much about the games or new controller because it’s Nintendo. On their bad days, they make great video games, and they have a long history for making quality innovation with controllers that change how we play games.

I’m more concerned with the extra stuff - menus, WaraWara Plaza, eShop, web browser, video chat, NintendoTVii, and more. I’ve been extremely underwhelmed when it has come to Nintendo’s history making these types of services on the Wii and 3DS. I’ve rarely used the web browser on either device, but when I have, it is slow and not worth the time. If these are actually strong programs on the Wii U and not flimsy window dressing, my interest will increase dramatically.

Share your launch thoughts and experiences here.

I’ve got it preordered but I’m very concerned about this emphasis on multiplayer, because I have no friends.

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Been playing it for the past week as part of my job. Nintendo Land is a ton of fun, but it’s something you really need to play to understand.

At my job, we normally get a Christmas bonus, so assuming that happens this year I’ll be using it to buy a WiiU.

I love some of the art in NSMB U, looks like a very playable game.

Does it have anything to offer the single player gamer (other than eventual access to the new Metroid, Zelda, etc.)?

I’ve read a number of positive reviews, but they really only talk about playing with a bunch of other people on the same TV. I don’t have kids and don’t have friends over much, so that’s not really a draw for me.

Yeah, I know we have a thread going, but that’s from a while ago and it’s usually standard policy to make a post-release thread.

I have mine right now. So far I’m in the setup and what I’ve seen is okay. I’m not sure if the setup itself being “interesting” is a good or a bad thing.

To start off, there’s the usual console runaround of enough plastic packaging to suffocate a pod of dolphins (<insert Gamecube/Dolphin joke here>). It’s a pretty standard setup, they included an HDMI cable with the system, but no component/standard cable. I question that decision, since I know a lot of friends who don’t have TVs with HDMI (or more than one HDMI) ports, but I assume the market penetration is enough and Nintendo knows what they’re doing since it was advertised as an HD console anyway. I have to admit, the ability to use the tablet as a universal remote was pretty clever, though I was having issues with it. The signal type on my TV seems to shift, it used to be type 2, then it stopped working and had to switch to type 3, now it’s type 2 again. Oh well, I don’t think that’s the console’s fault.

I have to say that I question the idea of putting all the setup info on the tablet screen. I’d have been happy using buttons and looking at my TV screen, but I guess they wanted to show off the tablet.

Right now the console is updating. Slooooowly. I assume their networks are swamped from all the people updating. I never have and never will understand day 1 software updates, but it’s chugging along right now. This is where I start to question putting all the info on the tablet screen. I COULD look over to my TV to see the update progress, but instead I have to grab my tablet to see it. This seems flawed, they should at least have put the update progress bar on both screens.

The only other problem is that the tablet controller has its own charging cable that plugs into a wall socket, and the cord is rather short. I don’t know what the battery life of the tablet is, but it might make long gaming sessions a pain since at least with my living room set up there’s no good way to plug it in and play at the same time.

I’ll post more after I have some time with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U.

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Software updates on Wii were incredibly slow as well, rivaled only by the PS3 mega slow updates. 360 is much faster.

Ours just got delivered bout an hour ago. Can’t wait to get home and try it out. :slight_smile:

Any updates, anyone?

I think this thing would have killed had it been released along side the PS3 and Xbox 360, or even with a year delay after them.

I’m not so sure about it now, though.

Sorry, I didn’t feel comfortable returning after I freaked out :/. Sorry about that, my fault completely.

Anyway, I played with it a bit and I really like it. Keep in mind that I’ve only done Single Player on anything I mention. Nintendo Land is a pretty good games gallery, the minigames aren’t quite Mario Party level (imo), but they’re still fun. Wii Sports was definitely fun, but most gamers seem to agree that it was sort of a throwaway game. In my opinion, Nintendo Land was good. I wouldn’t say it has layers of depth, but the games are definitely fun at a real level above and beyond “decent time waster.” Most of the single player games are legitimately difficult, and only one (the throwing star one) did I feel was hampered by the controls. In fact, I haven’t actually gotten to the end of any of the single player only games I tried. They’re fair, but their difficulty is almost arcade level.

New SMB U was… well, New Super Mario Bros. For the Wii U. That’s about it. You can play with a Wiimote if you want. I play with the tablet because I like the feel of it, but I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t figure out how to turn off the tablet screen and just have it display on the TV. It seems wasteful to have the tablet screen on, and I fear it will kill the display eventually if it’s on when I don’t need it to be for long hours.

Speaking of the tablet, it really is good, I swear. It feels very natural in the hands, and the spacing actually makes it easier, not harder, to rest your hands on your lap. It’s definitely not heavy and holding it up isn’t a problem. The Nintendo Land games using the Wii U screen don’t, I think, make extremely creative use of it. I mostly found it slightly obnoxious that I bought a new TV console that they apparently wanted me to pretend was a handheld that I couldn’t remove from my home. That said, I can really see the utility for it, and it certainly has promise and could be used really well. I’m tempted to buy a Wii U copy of Assassin’s Creed III because you can use it for Eagle Vision while the main screen stays normal. This seems like a minor, but still very creative use for it. If Arkham City U has the same for detective mode, it could also handily solve the problem that 90% of the graphics are wasted because there’s no reason to leave detective mode. I could also see making more creative minigames (hacking, lockpicking, etc) using the touch screen.

I don’t see the tablet as being a huge revolution in gaming technology, but rather one that adds a bunch of tiny things to games that will increase their quality in unnoticeable but very welcome ways. Like I said, things such as putting important filters such as Eagle Vision or Detective Mode on the tablet are actually very creative ways to solve some of the minor issues people had with those games. I really do think they need to either make a smaller, cheaper one, or else sort something out with 3DS syncing, because the Wii U is just begging for a version of Four Swords with the tablet.

I haven’t bought anything from the online store, but it’s a monumental improvement over the Wii’s store. For one, everything loads more or less instantly – anybody who tried to actually use the Wii store remembers the painful loading times. As for the store interface itself? It was really good, actually. I found it a lot better than the PS3 store (even the new one). Not sure about the XBox marketplace, again, I haven’t done more than just play around with the Wii Store a little. What I saw reminded me a lot of Steam, which is definitely a good thing.

Setting up your online account was completely painless as well. No more friend code bullshit, and the touchscreen tablet keyboard is leagues better than entering your information with a controller ever will be (like I said, it’s the little things). The Mii Plaza thing worked well too, thousands of Miis in my area were in my plaza, and none of the messages were obvious dick jokes or anything, so I assume they have a decent filter in place. In fact, NSMBU has a feature where you can leave messages for other outside of levels from a set of pre-selected words. It reminded me a bit of Demon’s/Dark Souls which was pretty cool, and makes me wonder if more games with a Dark Souls-esque online mechanic will appear of the Wii U, since simultaneous, seamless online play seems to be a feature built innately into the Wii U’s networking package.

So pretty much my only complaints are the lack of imagination in Nintendo Land’s use of the tablet controller, the long console update time (which, by the way, happened for every game I tried), and their insistence on putting the download information of the controller rather than the TV screen. Like I said, it’s not really a huge gamechanger in any obvious way, but rather a console that’s aimed to deliver a superior gaming experience by improving how your games are displayed and played in ways that may not be immediately obvious to the casual observer. I suspect this will lead to a lot of complaining that the Wii U does “nothing new.” It really does, but the way it improves things are likely to be so subtle most people won’t even notice.

I should say that I’m not convinced that the Wii U will lag that far behind the next gen Sony or MS consoles. I play PC games, I’ve been exposed to the miracles of the newest, best graphics – especially since I have a bleeding edge graphics card. While they’re nice, other than maybe water effects I don’t see an immense difference compared to the Wii U. I really don’t think that the next gen consoles are going to have a huge leg up in the graphics department. Maybe higher resolution or 3DTV capability, but that’s hardly a humongous categorical improvement in graphics. I really think we’re hitting a graphics plateau and the other consoles are going to have to use their libraries and features, rather than just relying on being graphical powerhouses to compete with the Wii U.

I sincerely hope (but doubt) that they’ll try to compete on terms of “play smarter”, and introduce things like really good native libraries for things like AI on the console. But I find that doubtful what with multiplayer being all the rage.

You can turn it off in the Home menu under Controller Settings.