Wiki articles that really need an editor. Or possibly a blowtorch.

Browsing the intratubes while waiting for the morning meeting to start, I decided to read up on the notion of apotheosis. Starting with the Wikipediapage on the subject, I came across THIS horrifying sentence:

Naturally I shuddered. Then I took a breath, thought, about it, and shuddered again. Then I put a Post-It on my monitor to remind me to beat some sense into that sentence later. As it stands, it is as coherent as candlelight.

Which leads me to this statement:

People of Earth, it is not necessary to insert every conceivable jot of information on a topic into a sentence of a wiki. Doing so does not make the article better; it makes it worse. You bury your point under an avalanche of words, and no matter how strong your point was, it never survives the experience.

Editing and composing are not the same thing. Editing involves CUTTING.