Wikipedia annoyed me today

Remember, this is allowed to be mundane and pointless. Anyway, I was watching a Simpsons episode “The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants” and thought I’d see what Wikipedia had to say about the obvious parallel to Sloan Wilson’s once-famous book. There was nothing, however, except this on the Talk page:

Really? This has to be sourced? Could it be ‘fixed’ in the wikiverse by saying “a further likely reference”? And forget Mad Men, does an episode about Homer selling his soul (metaphorically) for business require some sort of “proof” to be linked to that book?

I warned you in advance: Mundane? check. Pointless? 99.94%.

Short answer: no, you can’t convince a termite if he’s made up his mind. I have stuff deleted for which I posted multiple sources with verifiable online links. But it was deleted anyway for “not being sufficiently sourced”. I guess that translates as “nothing you can say will convince me to change my mind”.