Wikipedia Links on Google Earth

Browsing round Google Earth, I have noticed that a number of institutions have a Wikipedia icon associated with their location which, when clicked on, opens up their entry on Wikipedia.

How do I get me one of those for my workplace?

Anyone know?

Never mind - I found it, its a website called Placeopedia

I think the Wikipedia links in Google Earth are produced directly from Wikipedia articles that have the {{coord}} template in them. I don’t know if adding a place to Placeopedia will make it appear in the default GE Wikipedia layer.

Where do you work? I can add the {{coord}} template to the appropriate article if you like. (Or PM me if you don’t want to post it in public.)

I’ve put the coord coordinates into our Wikipedia article as well, that was my first thought, but after waiting a week or so, nothing had changed on GE, so I thought there must be something else to it and a bit of Googling found Placeopedia.

I’ll wait another week and we’ll see…

I think Google periodically downloads the Wikipedia article dump, and updates the GE Wikipedia layer based on that. I’m not sure how often they do that; this article claims (without cite) that it “may take a month or two” which seems plausible to me.