WIKIPEDIA : why do they want to remove copyrighted pictures used with permission

I was reading yesterday Wikipedia’s article about special forces .
Looking at the picture “french naval commandos” on the right, I noticed the following text :

Followed by the following warning :

I don’t get it. Why would Wikipedia want to delete copyrighted images if the copyright holder specifically allows its use on any internet site?

So the content stays legal if printed, and so all of wikipedia is entirely safe to print?

To elaborate on what Mr. Slant said, Wikipedia offers itself for download. It can only offer those images which it has permission to distribute. Therefore, it wants to replace as many fair-use but under copyright images with ones distributed under a GDFL license or put in the public domain.

Thanks. This makes sense.

Oh! And what does the date May 19, 2005 refer to?

That’s when the deletion policy took effect. The reason it appears is because the warning is included in a template for general use, probably in use since then.