Wikipedia, You Let Me Down

Wikipedia is all kinds of awesome but I guess this does happen on occasion. At least I think it happened (You can never be too sure when dealing with mind control). Thought terminating cliche used to have a useful article but now about brainwashing and mind control.

I feel slightly betrayed. :frowning:

You somehow brainwashed them into linking to the Post New thread link?

:p. I think you meant to link thought terminating cliche.


No, the point was to get the reader stuck in a constant iteration loop.


So, what other meaning does the term have, other than that popularized by the author of the linked book?

Thank you. I can’t believe the OP didn’t anticipate that question. Like we are all out here nodding in agreement, “absolutely , you silly wiki, you have let us *all *down, indeed!”

This thread makes no sense.

You’re right. It doesn’t makes sense. We should all ignore it and not think about it.

Playing around with the history, I think that the stuff you wanted may have actually been under ‘Thought-terminating cliché’ (with the accent mark.)é&action=history - Revision history for that article name, which does indeed show some interesting stuff.é&oldid=344977639 - last entry in the history that seems to have some meat on its bones.

Ah; I didn’t look for a version with the accent. So the OP’s entire complaint is that the paragraph-long article was stripped of an entire page of bad examples? Lame.

I have restored two examples from the old article (1984 and Brave New World), because I did find the explanation opaque, but the list in the old article was worse than excessive – it was wrong.

Hmm. So it turns out that Nametag was indeed nodding in understanding, and I was the only one clueless. Sigh. Happens all the time.

Yes, that’s it. The only thing is Wiki now redirects it to Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism.

Hmm, does this mean that my wiki-fu is strong when I wake up in a cold sweat at 4 in the morning? :confused:

Glad I found what you were looking for at least.