Wil it matter that Obama is the only protestant of the four party candidates?

Normally, it would. These are no normal times though.

Umm, why would it matter in normal times? Maybe you could flesh out the OP just a teeny tiny bit. Jus’ sayin’

If a Republican POTUS candidate were the only Protestant of the four the fundies would mobilize millions to defeat the ungodly Democrat imposters.

There are no Protestants on the Supreme Court. The majority leader of the Senate is not a Protestant and neither is the Speaker of the House.

It’s downright freaky.

But none of it matters.

What does matter is that 17 Percent Of Registered Voters Think Obama Is Muslim, Pew Poll Finds. That includes 30% of Republicans. That’s also downright freaky, especially since that percentage of Republicans has almost doubled since 2008.

That’s significantly lower than I expected, actually.

30% of republicans believe he’s a muslim? That’s almost one out of every 3 republicans. That’s fucking messed up.

And 17% overall is also pretty bad too. Damn, America is fucking loony.

As a not insignificant contingent of the people for whom such a thing would matter tend to think he’s a secret Muslim, no.

If donkeys had wings they would fly.

Anti-Catholic bigotry is more or less dead in the US.