Wild (the movie)

Could not find a thread on this movie. It is very good. Not a chick flick as you might think. (I’m a guy)

I had low expectations for this movie but it surprised me. Acting, directing and scenery are all top notch.

I read and enjoyed Cheryl Strayed’s book. I thought the movie was very well done

I enjoyed this movie as well. There were a couple of things that I didn’t like, but that was more artistic choice then anything. I didn’t like how they were constantly going back and forth between the hiking and flashbacks, there seemed to be too many of them. I know the book does this as well, but in the book a lot of the back story was told before her hike started.

The other thing I didn’t like was they didn’t expand on a few things that would have made it much easier to understand. In the movie it made her seem she was a huge drug addict, but in the book she said it was only with one guy and only for a few months.

Other then things to make it easier for me to understand what was going on, I thought the movie was good. I’m reading the book now and things make more sense.

The next time Hollywood makes a movie about a real story and does not change things will be the first time. :slight_smile:

I was expecting the flashbacks and maybe there were a few too many.

It wasn’t so much the changes, it was that they were confusing. At least some of them were. Reading the book has really helped my understand what was going on. I’m guessing they are hoping a lot of people have read the book and know what’s happening.

They don’t really care if people read the book or not. They just try to make the movie as good as they can. They know people who read the book will notice changes but it’s not really something they factor into how they make the movie.

For big hit movies like Hunger Games or Harry Potter based on very popular books they also make changes. It’s just the way the movie business works.