Wildest Bill, go fuck yourself

That’s really all I wanted to say, you pedantic moronic cur. Your incessant blathering does more to impinge you than any witty retort I could ever come up with.


A little testy are we Esprix? hmmmmm?

Esprix, he’s like a child, don’t encourage him.

I think it highly likely that in reality he IS actually a child, and act accordingly.

If you could perhaps give us a link to anything specific that WB posted that set you off, Esprix, and a critique of that post then I would be happy to keep this thread open in order to facilitate discussion about what you feel is inappropriate behavior.

However, if the intent of this thread is just a drive-by insult then I’m gonna close it.

The Pit is for rants and criticisms, not pure insults.

Where do I start? First of all, I can’t really think of anyone outside of the annals of Troll lore that have started more innane, ill-conceived, or just outright idiotic threads in my life. They include such gems as the first one that caught my eye, “Hey gay dudes is there a woman out there who would turn you straight?”, where he first showed me his lack of maturity; or the “How about making this a law to help marriages” thread, where his brainstorm is that all couples be required to wait six months before they are allowed to marry (and the follow-up here where he advocates all couples be required go through couples therapy before being allowed to marry); or how about “Is there any truth to urban legends”, where he wants us to do his homework for him, instead of him pointing and clicking to a reliable UL site; or “Why aren’t there any Christian TV shows” thread, where he seems to not watch any television at all to know how many already exist; then there’s his manifesto “Losers should pay in lawsuits - PERIOD” where he is staunchly in support of losers in lawsuits having to pay the winner’s legal fees, mostly based on the fact that he doesn’t know how to run a business and got sued several times, and all despite many logical contrary points of view; and then of course there’s his unhealthy obsession with James Bond films, plus his deliberate misspelling of my name, not to mention his “overuse” of “quotation marks” for “no discernable reason,” and posts that have no rhyme or reason, let alone grammatical structure that anyone can discern or understand.

I’m not even saying he’s an idiot in and of having these, uh, interesting ideas, or for asking questions, but his follow-through is so detestibly underachieved it’s laughable (and of course, he has no clue that it is so). Ask him to back up his claims, he doesn’t; point out the general flaws in his ideas, he sticks his fingers in his ears; try to debate him, and he changes the subject or attacks you ad hominem. He’s generally an ass who doesn’t really give a fuck that he’s an ass. And now he’s on me about being the “English Teacher” - as if I were the exception to the rule of using English around here instead of him (and I’m not the only one he enjoys flaming with his ignorance).

On further inspection, however, I reiterate that I really needn’t insult him - his poor grasp of English, unreasonable stances and lack of any debating skills whatsoever have helped him dig his own grave on this board. And, again, sadly, he doesn’t even realize it. Ignorance truly must be bliss, and he’s one happy son of a bitch. (And chances are he’ll take that as a compliment.)


"no discernable reason,"
that really got me Esprix. Fucking funny. reminds me of a sign i saw “California wines”

I’m not OP, but I’ll give it the old college try.

Over here, the fuckwad had this to say:

No, I don’t see what you’re saying.

From my experience, Luby’s is in shopping malls and along the interstate. I usually see all sorts of people there, not predominantly old people on welfare or a tight budget.

So from all of us, a mighty Hi Ho Fuck You.

Why, Esprix (and others!) do you choose to get so worked up over this fellow? Why, for that matter, does anyone get so worked up about anything on these boards?

Yes, some people are idiots. When I, for one, come to the realization that someone is, in my opinion, an idiot, I simply refrain from reading future posts by said idiot. Will insulting someone, ranting about him or her, or generally getting apoplectic over it solve anything? Nope. Said person will likely not change. So, why not simply move on?
If you enjoy raising your blood pressure, then I suggest you continue reading Wildest Bill’s posts. If you do not, then there are plenty of other posters out there whose posts, I’m sure, you can read with a sense of enjoyment.

Life’s too short to get hung up on what others do.

10,000 + posters, a few permanent idiots, sounds like pretty good stats to me :slight_smile:

** Mauve Dog ** - ok, here’s my explanation for what happened: I’d seen this name (WB), never paid it any attention, really. Saw his name flash by often, read some of his threads, ignored others etc, had no strong opinion one way or the other.

Then. he started a thread in Great Debates, where standard is that you don’t make assertions like “everybody knows that Martians eat baby kittens!” without supporting facts. And there he was, making wild assertions. People very carefully, and politely showed him where his logic wavered, fell, was non existant.

And, he’d verbally stomp his feet, stick his cyberfingers in his cyberears and yell at the top of his mighty lungs “YEA, BUT”.

and more people would show up and gently, kindly show him where his thinking had failed, where he was being obstinate. and he’d stomp even more and do things like spell someone’s name wrong, then apologize etc.

I’ve gotten into a number of debates with folks here, disgreed strongly with certain people, but it was always held politely, with people actually reading the posts, and coming up with supporting cites or acknowledging that they may have been mistaken. Except for ** WB **

I won’t bother with him again. I found him to be a negative thinking person who only wanted to see himself as the “wronged” party and every one else picking on him, that he was totally innocent, even and especially when other people could show that he was wrong. I don’t have time for that.

Esprix, you couldn’t be any more right. You started the thread I had only hoped to start. I didn’t think many people, if any, thought the same about him as I did. I like to think of him as our new lindsay.

For those who are keeping track, that paragraph contains four sentences. Only one of them is a bonafide complete sentence. Two are incomplete and one is a run-on.

I don’t mean to be a grammar nazi or anything, but GOD DAMN, I could write better than that in third grade!

And to think, he says he has a wife and kids.

And he says he has a bachelors degree (!!!).

He’ll probably tell you his “bachelors” degree was before he got married. :wink:

It’s not nice to pick on the mentally challenged. It’s obvious Bill is one of God’s “special” children.

Did he ever actually say he had a Bachelors Degree, in those words?

All I remember is reference to a ‘BS Degree’…

BS doesn’t neccessarily stand for Bachelor of Science, if you catch my drift, and I know you do.

I haven’t paid a lot of attention To the mentioned threads and so won’t comment one way or the other. Gonna go back and check it out.

But man, you sure can turn a phrase!

wring, you presented what happened very well. But I think we can go back to the OP, tho, and ask, why did so many people go so far along with him (in GD, yet)? Personally, I had the mental image of him not only putting his fingers in his ears, but additionally, each time he repeated his unsupported viewpoint, saying it louder and louder. It sort of surprises me that many of the very intelligent people on the boards stick with such behavior for as long as they do. Maybe that is to their credit. But after someone refuses to listen to me 2 or 3 times, well, I’ll head somewhere else.

And then we hear of people who are so seriously disturbed by the goings on here, that they have to cease posting. Tho I have never met any other Dopers, I like and respect most of you as much as I can anyone I interact with on such a limited basis. But, I’m not sure what it would take on this board to upset me too tremendously. Certainly not one or a limited number of posters acting ignorantly.