Will 12/16/2017 be commemerated as "Disclose Day" by all future generations?

Pretty legit! If there is a thread in progress maybe someone will be kind enough to link. IMHO we may need Cecil for this one!


NYT article as well!


Watch the gimbal one:


Your first link goes to an absolutely blank page. As for the question, I think the opening of the NYT article says it all:

“Experts caution that earthly explanations often exist for such incidents, and that not knowing the explanation does not mean that the event has interstellar origins.”

So, um, what’s the topic here? So far, it’s “Google has results for something” and “The New York Times wrote an article”. Both of those things happen every day-- What’s so special about this one?

Yeah, posting raw links is now best practices. I’ll close this. If you care to, try again with a bit more explanation.