Will a urinalysis detect use of nicotine gum?

I’m trying to get life insurance. Today an agent who has been shopping several companies for me said that some companies consider me a smoker because I use nicotine gum. I mentioned to my hubby that I’d have to stop volunteering that info, and he said they’d be able to detect nicotine in the urinalysis I’d have to provide. On average, each day I chew about eight pieces of gum with 2 mg. nicotine in each piece. Hubby used to be a light to moderate smoker depending on circumstances, and he quit for two days before he had to provide a urine sample; the nicotine didn’t show up, so he got the lower rate. So, will a urinalysis detect my meager 16 mg./day gum habit?

It might. I don’t smoke but I did use Skoal the last time I applied for private life insurance.

Two of the questions were standard.

Do you smoke? _____ (Y/N)

How many cigarettes do you smoke a week on average? _____

My answers were ‘No’ and ‘0’ which was correct and the only way to answer the form in the format they provided.

I got a nasty letter basically calling my a liar when the blood results came back positive for nicotine. They are the ones that designed the form and I answered the questions truthfully but that wasn’t good enough to keep me from being rejected.