Will a water leak in the ceiling effect the Radient Heat Pads?Could it cause a short?

My wife and I own a Modern Log home, it has a large cathedral ceiling as the main living room, with a large hearth in the center. Off the either side there are two “wings” One upstairs wing is the master bedroom and below it is a den, spare bedroom and another Spare room. On the other side is the kitchen, and laundry, and above that is my wifes office and another den type room.

We have electric heat as well as two wood stoves (one down and one up) and a large hearth. Over the weekend, the bathroom toilet near the guest room (upstairs) over flowed. I won’t get into “too much information” but there was water everywhere. Roughly 5 minutes after some yelling and carrying on subsided I went downstairs to get a pail to put the water from the mop in, and I noticed a drip coming down into the kitchen through the ceiling. Not a waterfall, but a definite drip. It stopped rather quickly, so I did not give it too much more thought.

However, I am now wondering…There are radient heat plates in the ceiling, and some water may have gotten on them. Should I be worried about this at all? Nothing shorted out as far as I can tell, and the heat definitely still works. But I was wondering if there is any inherent issues I ought to be dealing with. I obviously need to take a look at the floor in the upstairs bathroom again to see where it leaked down…I mean the floor is white marble from Vermont…and I thought it was thoroughly grouted! :frowning:

Anyway, should I worry about the heat plates in the ceiling?