Will Allen West and Tim Scott join the Congressional Black Caucus?

Last night Scott and West became the first black Republicans elected to Congress since J.C. Watts left in 2003. Scott has stated he probably won’t join, though West said he would think about it.

Anyway there’s also some question as to whether the CBC will invite them, at least according to this story:

Also Republicans tend to stray away, or at least claim to want to stray away from, racial identity politics. It’d be interesting to see the GOP base would react if these two joined the CBC.

West is willing to.

JC Watts himself did not join, although I seem to recall that Connecticut’s Gary Franks did and was the only Republican member.

It would be even more interesting to see how the Tea Party base would react.

re a black Republican joining the caucus…

[quote=“BrainGlutton, post:4, topic:559357”]

It would be even more interesting to see how the Tea Party base would react.[/QUOTE

You haven’t got a clue do you?

… or maybe what you mean is it would be interesting (for you) to have MSNBC find one sign that might criticize West so that your gang could run with it and make further claims that the Tea Party are predominantly racist.

:dubious: No, I mean it would be interesting to see how the Tea Party base would react if two Congresscritters they just elected were to get involved directly in “racial identity politics” as the GOP defines them. Cognitive dissonance is always interesting, however manifested.

I don’t expect that their involvement would go that way though.

Allen West joined the caucus today.


Joining the Congressional Black Caucus is engaging in racial identity politics. It’s not just a name.

Which is not to say I disapprove.