Will Americans ever learn to spell "whisky"

There are a couple of obscure little factories in continental North America (and that means I’m including Canada) that produce some form of liquid chemical compound that the local population call whiskey, causing great confusion when they refer to the wonderful life-giving nectar of Scotland by the same name.

Puh - leeeazzzze! Get it right!

To refer to something as ***15 year-old Single Malt Whiskey *** is a travesty. It’s the equivalent of Dr. Atkins calling Mcdonalds food!

If you run a search you’ll see that we’ve already had this conversation.

Whiskey is the Irish spelling, and is also used in the USA. Whisky is the Scottish spelling and the preferred spelling in Canada. So there’s nothing wrong with “15 year-old Single Malt Whiskey”, but “15 year-old Scotch Whiskey” would be incorrect.

“Whiskey” is correct with reference to the Irish product; “Whisky” with reference to the Scotch product. I have no idea what the convention is with regard to American and Japanese products; it may depend on whether they are trying to imitate a Scotch or Irish style of distilling and blending.

Well, that took all of 8 minutes to clear up. Impressive!

everton - I tried to run a search. I looked for “whiskey” only in titles and got none. I tried to run the search again, but was bounced by the rule that you can’t run searches closer than 30 seconds apart. That’s like forever, man! I’ve got work to do here.

Can’t we all just get along?

Yes, with the aid of enough Scotch whisky.

(I did learn something at Edinburgh you know.)

Try this one: What’s The Secret Of Scotch Whiskey?

No charge :).

It hasn’t got “more pubs per square mile than any other city in Europe” for nothing.

At least, that’s what they told us in indoctrina…errr…orientation week.

i prefer the highland spelling
uisge beatha
this is how i pronounce all my whiskies after sufficient sampling
auld reekie rests.

Could be that you did the search without telling it to go back to the beginning of time. The default setting is to search in posts since … yesterday.

its well worth looking at some of the posts from the beginning of time by the way - i can’t be arsed to reference them here, but last week’s big bang - worth it? and Hi I’m God are pretty good (although God later got banned by Coldfire for trolling.

So she’s telling me to eat this apple… is a good read too.

"It hasn’t got “more pubs per square mile than any other city in Europe” for nothing.

At least, that’s what they told us in indoctrina…errr…orientation week"

Actually, this is what they told us at St. Andrews Orinetation also (about an hour from Edinburgh).

we’ll learn to spell whiskey when you learn to spell aluminum :wink:

Oblong, you are being obtusely obstinate in your oration.:wink:

This seems to be more of a rant against American/Irish spelling conventions and/or against American/Canadian distilled spirits rather than a General Question with a factual answer. I’ll close this thread and let it be reopened in a more appropriate forum if anyone cares to continue the topic.