Will Angelina Jolie's SALT do any better than Knight & Day?

Since Knight & Day has already been labeled as a box office disappointment I wondered if the upcoming Salt will fare any better?
It appears to be another run of the mill framed-agent-on-the-run flick that seem to be overstaying their welcome.
Any idea why this would fare any better than the Cruise/Diaz movie? Are there that many Jolie fans?
It looks like an okay movie just like K&D but not something everyone will be rushing out to see.
If it does K&D numbers are they going to label Jolie a has been box office disappointment like they did to Cruise?

Jolie is, as of today, a much bigger star than Cruise; she also has more action movie cred. There’s really no comparison.

Frankly, SALT doesn’t look nearly as stupid as Knight and Day did. It seems like it’s going to take itself much more seriously.

The first point I won’t argue with you (especially after the couch-hopping incident), but the latter? Cruise has 3 Mission:Impossible movies, plus Minority Report, Collateral, Top Gun and The Last Samurai.

Jolie? Wanted, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and two Lara Croft movies. If you want to be generous, we can add Gone in 60 Seconds (about as actiony as Days of Thunder), Sky Captain (comparable to War of the Worlds), The Bone Collector (on the same level as The Firm), and Alexander (as relevant as Valkyrie).

While there’s no denying that Cruise is quite long in the tooth at this point (he’s her senior by 13 years), to say that Jolie has more action film cred than he does is simply absurd.

You forgot Wanted.

Cruise may have starred in more action films, but that’s not the same as being an action star. Has anyone ever looked at him and thought “This man is a badass”?

Whereas Jolie scares me - in a sexy, sexy way.

No I didn’t.

:snort: A meaningless distinction borne out of pure subjectivity. By that metric, Audie Murphy isn’t a war hero because he sure don’t look like one, pa! Your assertion was movie cred, and by any reasonable standard, Cruise has more than paid his dues.

Let’s be honest–she was like that before she appeared in a single action film.

Why yes, yes I have.

Jolie seems to be the good kind of nuts. Cruise, not so.

Knight and Day suffered from an overly cutesie title too.

A friend of mine has seen Salt (he works in the industry) and told me it is a lot of fun, and of course lots of action. He did mention the story was good as well - and he thinks it will do well. I trust his opinion, so looking forward to seeing it.

However, I am one of those who thought Knight And Day was actually a fun, popcorn film as well…it was just what I expected it to be and liked it a lot.

Maybe not badass, but the ridiculousness of the latter half of the movie aside, I’ll give Cruise due credit for doing a fairly credible creepy quasi-socipathic assassin in Collateral.

If not badass, he certainly came across as dangerous.

It’s probably just me… But when I saw Collateral and first saw Cruise with the white hair…

I thought “they wanted Richard Gere, didn’t they.” And from that moment on I pictured every one of Cruise’s scenes with Gere in his place.
My version was better.

I bet it does better.

You do realize Cruise was attached to star in this at one point? Salt has bounced around Holywood for a long time, with various male leads attached before it was rewritten as a female.
I like Angeline Jolie. Besides, I think Wanted is awesome and the best fun action movie I’ve seen in the last couple years.

I dunno why they bothered with K&D. Most people would assume it’s Vanilla Sky part 2, which in some ways, it was. Salt is going to be Mrs. Smith 2.

I don’t know how big the fan base for Angelina Jolie’s movies is, she seems to be more famous for her personal life, but I think Salt will do middling-OK, same or better than Knight & Day. That would be pretty good for her. IMO Knight & Day wasn’t all that to start with, but the sick and crazy Tom Cruise really killed it, and it might have made more money with a ‘normal’ actor in it. Or a more popular one.

The answer appears to be yes, it will do much better than Knight & Day. Salt’s first week almost doubled K&D’s first week.


It isn’t that big a market, but in Spain K&D is doing like shit (maybe the verb should already be “has done”). Part of it is because of the bad location work, which has featured prominently on the publicity: the background of the picture used for the poster shows what looks like the fences marking the sides during bullruns and three guys in Sanfermines-style red’n’whites, but they look as clean, perfect and stiff as the manequins in a store window. Add that it the parts simulating Pamplona were recorded in Seville, and that locally-infamous scene where Cruise’s character in one of the Mission Impossibles mixes up Seville’s Easter celebrations with Valencia’s St Joseph’s… and, well, if Salt lasts for two weeks it will do better than KnD.

IOW, if your Kremlin looks like cardboard, do not use a picture of that for your ads in Russia.

I had no interest in seeing K&D - partly for the mostly unfavorable reviews, partly because I don’t like Tom Cruise, and it just seemed from the trailer that they were doing a lame buddy spy/romantic comedy with lots of lame humor.

I did go and see Salt last night and it reminded me very much of the Bourne movies in terms of action, although the story was more twisty. I particularly enjoyed the scene that involves an assasination attempt on the Russian president. The two male leads were very good as well. There was not much humor, just a straight-out action thriller with decent stunts, interesting characters and a highly implausible plot.

I saw Knight and Day and actually liked it - it was what it was. I just pretended that Cruise’s character from the Mission Impossible movies had gone a little crazy, and that made it even funnier. Haven’t seen Salt yet, but I hope to soon.

From Wiki, the movies’ takes to date:

U.S.: $21m
Worldwide: $228m

U.S. and Canada: $116m
Worldwide: $272m

That was the opening weekend numbers, not the full domestic take. The actual BO for the states is $76M.