Will Barack take off as a baby name, and how high?

Right now it’s not in the top 1,000 and never has been. I say it gets a lot of play in the next couple years and breaks into the top 100. If he turns out to be a great president, it will break the top 50. I doubt it’ll get much higher than that because it’s too obvious exactly where it comes from.

It’s not very euphonious by modern standards. It lends itself to the contraction “Barry” which is not at all fashionable.

I would predict that “Obama” would end up more widely used as a first name. Given current naming trends and its vowel ending, probably a girls’ first name.

Yes, it will. I’m not sure how high it can go, but the guy IS president…

There’s a little kid on my daughter’s soccer team named Baraka, FWIW.

Yep. I was just thinking about this, and it’s happening stateside and abroad:


Nicknamed “Obie” or “Bammie”?

Naming trends change incredibly fast. Madison was unheard of when I was in school a few years ago, and now it’s #5.

I’ve noticed an increase in the use of the names: Aiden, Jack, Ava, Kayden, Teagan and others. Barack -I can definitely see taking off.

The real question is the salvaging* of his middle name. I’m betting we’ll see a lot more little Barack Obama Smiths than Barack Hussein Smiths.

*relative to the lowest common denominator of American perception

Not just babies, but mountains now, too. :smiley:

Bam Bam!