Will Brokaw require Obama & McCain to answer the questions?

McCain likes the forthcoming Town Meeting format because, I’m told, it lends itself to one of his fortes: bullshitting, rather than answering truthfully. Obama also likes to stretch things a bit, as well.

During the VP debate, Palin flat out refused to answer some queries, and Gwen Ifill let her get away with it. Will Brokaw put up with this kind of crap? Or will he demand (as best he can) that the candidates properly address each and every question?

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As for your OP. It’s up to the moderator of the debate. Gwen let Palin get away with it because - most likely - Palin was put through thr ringer the week before and she was being nice. Think about what would have happened if she didn’t let Palin get away with it? I’m not used to public lynchings, so I’m happy Palin was let off a little bit.

As for Tom Brokaw? I bet he hold them to their answers, but don’t forget people can ask them anything in the meeting. I’m looking forward to watching someone ask McCain something juicy. Heck Obama too!

Actually, I believe Gwen Ifill had her hands somewhat tied by the rules of that debate. It was structured to have shhorter answers, and limited back-and-forth and follow-up.
Don’t know what the rules of the upcoming debate will allow.

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Oh, and I hope Brokaw calls them on not answering the question, but really, what’s he going to do if they don’t? Whack 'em in the kneecaps?

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