Will calling the National Do-Not-Call registry work for my Fax Machine?

I get oodles of junk crap from my fax machine everything from Cruises to Taco’s - what can I do to stop the junk mail from coming into my fax. Aside from pitching a hissy fit at the fax machine…Can I report my fax number to the national do-not-call registry?

Are you getting actual junk faxs or are telemarketers calling your fax machine and trying to talk to it? :confused:

The FCC’s Do Not Fax info.

It’s a huge pain in the ass for us at the library. One of my clerks calls all those opt-out numbers all the time.

Junk faxes not telemarketers talking to the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP…

Thanks for the link Duck.

I recently got Comcast’s phone service. I only wanted cable & internet, but it was cheaper to get all three. Within 24 hours I started getting telemarketing calls. (Thanks for selling my information, Comcast!) Within 48 hours I signed up with the “Do Not Call” registry. Within 96 hours the calls stopped completely. So it definitely works.

It worked for our office. We used to get a pile of junk faxes (about the only stuff we got, too, since hardly anyone uses fax for business now) and now we rarely see any