Will coax splitter connections degrade the signal even they aren't in use?

If I have a COAX cable TV connection (that is carrying the cable modem signal plus both analog and digital TV signals) going into a three-way splitter, (one in and three out), where only two out connections are being used, does the third unused connection degrade the the cable modem signal at all? Or this exactly the same as using a two-way splitter? Assuming proper working equipment.

The unused connection should be terminated with a suitable terminator.

The link explains signal leakage, but I think the real culprit is signal reflection due to unmatched impedance.

Yes, each output will be down by the stated amount even if there’s nothing connected to the other outputs. There’s an additional problem with unconnected outputs allowing reflections & interference, though this can be handled with a 75 ohm termination. But if you only have 2 devices, and have easy access to the splitter, simplest solution is to replace the splitter.

terminators should be placed on any unused positions.

use only as many splits as needed, used or not power is decreased, don’t use a 3 position splitter when only two are needed.

Ah, terminators! Thanks all.

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