Will Ferrell as George W. on HBO

I saw **Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush ** on HBO the other night. It was so incredibly bad. I thought anyone could get a laugh making fun of George W. Bush. I underestimated Will Ferrell. It was one of the most unfunny comedy routines I have ever seen. I was amazed.

We were looking forward to it, but I found it rather unimpressive. I was hoping it was just because I’d had such a good time at Spamalot that afternoon that it would be hard to compare.

Yeah, it was pretty underwhelming. It could have been pretty good if they’d cut it down to 60 minutes though.

When it comes to Will Ferrell sucking, I would never underestimate how bad it could get. Instead, I am always astounded that his movies continue to do well.

He probably should have waited a year or so before bringing that persona to the stage. Everybody is sick of Bush and Bush imitators after eight years.

I thought it was good in parts, but basically just stretched out too long. Part of the problem was that it doesn’t really work as a one man show. Ferrell’s Bush is pretty good, but he needs other people to interact with and play off.

That dancer playing Condi was smoking hot.

What was the deal with that dick picture? Was that really W’s?

I was surprised at the lack of laughter. It had some good moments, but overall, I would have rather spent that time doing something else.

What was the audience reaction? Was the crowd laughing?

We just saw Josh Brolin’s W. this weekend. He was so spot on he ruined it for me with anyone else, Ferrell especially.

My wife and I watched it for about 3 minutes, and it was just bad. Not that I expected much better from Will Farrell, but that was just awful and predictable.

Wow, call me the minority I guess…

I thought it was funny. Yeah I am sick of bush imitators, but I thought this one was pretty good overall. Not the funniest thing in the world, but funnier than you all think apparently.

There was actually a short article I saw about the nudity-it was just a random public domain dick (band name!) they found on the Internet. It’s not W’s. Will’s, or anybody in particulars.

I liked all the dancing and the joke about why W is the only one with a Texas accent. but it was a little juvenile, esp. the endless nickname sequence.

Not much. Which surprised me. I figure if you are going to go to a one man show you probably are a big fan of that one man. That didn’t really seem to be the case.