Will I feel wind?

Lets say all together now I’m in my car driving due north at 60 mph, with a tailwind heading the exact same direction and speed… if I stick my arm out the window, will I feel a breeze?


I suspect not. When I walk down the block during a light breeze, the breeze is noticably weaker - or even apparently absent - if I am walking together with the breeze, but much stronger when I walk against the breeze.

I rode once in a hot air balloon. It was a short, but splendid ride .I lit a match. It stood there, of course- our airspeed perfectly matched ( no pun intended, really) that of the air around us.
No breeze.
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It seems to me the aerodynamics of the car would upset the airstream unequally thereby providing differing velocities from front to back vs. back to front.

No, Swag, the point is that there is no air stream; the air is moving at the same speed as the car.

The original poster is right to say that under ideal conditions you wouldn’t feel any wind. Of course, in the real world, wind isn’t perfectly smooth, so you would get turbulence from any nearby obstacles, and feel gusts in every direction from that.

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