Will I like Rosemary's Baby [the book]?

Based on Annie’s suggestion in this thread, I read “A Kiss Before Dying”. I loved the suspense. Now I’m curious to read “Rosemary’s Baby” but since I already know the ‘twist’ at the end (I think, ha ha) I’m wondering if it will hold my attention.

I saw the movie many years ago. I don’t remember anything about it except

the baby is the Devils.

Please no spoilers in case I do read it.

Oh, yeah, you’ll like it. In typical Ira Levin fashion, the ending is the least interesting part of the book; almost an afterthought. Good suspense, fun imagery. I dare you to read it and NOT see Cassavettes and Farrow in your mind’s eye (will not detract from the book).

If you don’t read “Stepford Wives” next, there’s no hope for you. :slight_smile:

Ha ha, thanks!

You’ll probably like Rosemary’s Baby. I’d suggest avoiding Levin’s sequel, Son of Rosemary, as it actually spoils the story from the first book.

THERE WAS NO FUCKING SEQUEL! At least in my world.

Rosemary’s Baby is an excellent novel, and the movie is one of the best book adaptions ever.

See is you can find Levin’s This Perfect Day. A wonderful story, and a good homage to George Orwell’s 1984.

The thing with “Rosemary” is that if you’ve seen the movie, you don’t need to read the book, or vice versa.

Second the recommend for “This Perfect Day”. Wish they’d make a (good) movie from that sucker.

I’ll third the recommendation for This Perfect Day. Read it as a teenager when I was into dystopian future novels for a while there. I thought it was one of the best (with *1984 *at the top of the heap, of course).