Will I soon be a freak of nature?

This’ll start personal but I really want to find out in general if this could really happen and what it means.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Put me in the hospital, it did. I don’t remember the numbers exactly but it was something like 290/185. Since then I’ve lost weight, started exercising and have been taking my medication like a good girl and I’ve lowered my pressure.
Well, my systolic pressure anyway. It has been reading lower and lower until it’s just about at normal-- between 135 and 125. My diastolic just doesn’t wanna co-ooperate. It regularly reads over 120.

My question is: Can the diastolic be higher than the systolic? Is that even possible? Under what circumstances would this happen?

P.S. My personal closest to being a freak of nature was 127/122.

Presumably if the diastolic = the systolic, your heart is no longer pumping. This condition will likely be short-lived and self-limiting.

I nominate this post for the Understatement of the Decade. Maybe all time.

WOw, I’ve never even heard of that. What does your Cardiologist say?

Another possiblity is that the blood starts circulating backwards. :smiley:

And you were still conscious!?

Where are you getting these numbers from? If a cardiologist is getting these numbers while using the gold standard wall-mounted, mercury-filled Baumanometer, expect a medical journal article to be written about you shortly. I’m suspecting these numbers aren’t particularly accurate - are they coming from something along the lines of a drugstore BP tester or home BP cuff?

I was using the one at the drug store because I don’t own one. At the docs it was 132/119 when she took me off the beta blockers for fear of me passing out. Still taking the triamterene, or as they’re known around here, my pee pee pills.

So, yeah a higher diastolic would be impossible then, right?